Millie & Andrea - Drop The Vowels『full album preview』

Mar 31, 2014

Millie & Andrea are Miles Whittaker and Andy Stott, fellow labelmates at Modern Love who collaborated on an occasional series of 12” releases between 2008 and 2010. It’s been four years since we last heard from them but they now return with “Drop The Vowels”, their debut album. Produced fast and loose through late 2013 / early 2014, it’s an album that recalls the strict and stripped funk of Anthony Shakir as much as it does Leila’s incredible debut ‘Like Weather’, eschewing the dark aesthetic both producers are best known for in favour of something much more visceral. It’s an album borne from a love of both pop and club music, made to evoke an adrenalised, hedonistic, as well as an emotional response.

Opener GIF RIFF brings to life a Gamelan edit stripped bare before the over-compressed ‘Stay Ugly’ breaks out with a tumbling, broken arrangement situated somewhere between Richard D James and Jai Paul. “Temper Tantrum” and “Spectral Source” follow, versions of tracks originally released on the second and third Daphne EP’s respectively, the former a rugged rave anthem tempered by blue strings, the latter a proper dancefloor destroyer recalling Shake’s mighty ‘Madmen’. ‘Corrosive’ flits between a fillibrating, arpeggiated steppers rhythm and a brutal jungle breakdown, while ‘Drop The Vowels’ further explores and strips bare bass & drums before the slow but jacking warehouse killer “Back Down” provides pure percussive abandon. Quay ends the set with something quieter, a sublime coda made entirely from field recordings. [via Modern Love]

Millie & Andrea - Drop The Vowels full album stream below

Mumdance - Music To... Make You Hardcore『Mixset』

Mar 25, 2014

"Hardcore was my first proper musical love, my mates older brother lent me a Hectic Records / Fusion tape pack when I was about 12 & literally as soon as I heard it I was hooked. Doing this mix for i-D was a lot of fun as it gave me a chance to re visit and spend some time with my old record collection. I decided not to go for the most refined “headz” selection, but instead opt for the ones which brought me the happiest memories. Ive erred towards the 1993 - 1994 ‘proto' era when Hardcore was starting to split up into what would become Jungle on the one side and the other side of things Happy Hardcore. " via Mumdance 


Stream below

Mumdance - Music To... Make You Hardcore

1. DJ SS - Respect To The Following - Formation
2. DJ SS - A Little More Respect - Formation
3. 4 Hero - The Elements (Fire & Water Mix) - Reinforced Records
4. DJ Torchman - Tell Me - Face Records
5. Bay B Kane - Hello Darkness - Ruff Guidance
6. Bodysnatch - Euphony (Original Mix) - Big City Records
7. Foul Play - Finest Illusion (Original Mix) - White
8. DJ Vibes - Obsession (Music’s So Wonderful) - Tornado Records
9. Poosie & Cru-l-t - Hear Me Hear Me - Knite Force
10. Noise Factory - Future 2 (The Remix) - Future Records
11. NRG - I Need Your Lovin’ - Pyrotech Records
12. Ramos & Supreme - The Journey (Part 1) - Hectic Records
13. Jimmy J & Luna-C - Take Me Away - Knightforce
14. Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) - Just Another Label
15. Omni Trio - Thru The Vibe (2 on 1 Remix) - Moving Shadow
16. The Fat Controller - In Complete Darkness - Uphoria Records
17. Nasty Habits - Dark Angel (Remix) - Reinforced Records
18. Plasmic Life ft Alistair - Death Trip - Brain Records
19. Jimmy J & Cru L T - Six Days - Knight Force
20. DJ Force & The Evolution - Perfect Dreams - Knight Force
21 Bass Selective - Blow Out Part 2 - DJ Only Records
22. Orca - 4AM - LuckySpin
23. DJ Morph - Only Love - Explosive

Chunky - FABRICLIVE x Hoya:Hoya Mix『Audio Stream』

Mar 20, 2014


MC Chunky(Swamp 81)替下月初在的Fabric Room 2的Hoya:Hoya活動所錄製的一段五十多分鐘Promo Mix,雖沒公佈曲目但很明顯的感受到他身為黑人獨有放克靈魂的選曲以及那股獨特的Swamp Sound。

Stream below

XLR8R 335 Lee Bannon『Podcast』

Mar 19, 2014


這個XLR8R最新Mix邀來年初才透過Ninja Tune廠牌發表首張專輯Alternate/Endings而目前定居於紐約的新生代Jungle製作Lee Bannon包辦,裡頭除了多首Lee Bannon的未發表新曲在內,開頭選用芝加哥Juke/Footwork製作DJ Earl並由Lee Bannon混音重製的Get to Work以及結尾曲UK Will Not Survive來自Modern Love廠牌的Rainer Veil也是自己點進非聽不可的主因。

Download: XLR8R 335 Lee Bannon 

01 DJ Earl "Get to Work (Lee Bannon Remix)"
02 Wen "Commotion" (Keysound)
03 Lee Bannon "Unreleased Track"
04 Miguel "Simple Things (Lee Bannon Remix)"
05 Lee Bannon "Unreleased Track"
06 Lee Bannon "Unreleased Track"
07 Thom Yorke "And It Rained All Night (Burial Remix)" (XL)
08 Lee Bannon "Unreleased Track"
09 SBTRKT "Hold the Line" (Young Turks)
10 Lee Bannon "Unreleased Track"
11 Lee Bannon "Unreleased Track"
12 Rainer Veil "UK Will Not Survive" (Modern Love)

Hodge - Amor Fati / Renegades『Audio Preview』

Mar 18, 2014


布里斯托廠牌Livity Sound的發行是以Peverelist, Kowton和Asusu他們三人的作品為主,而Dnous Ytivil這Livity Sound的Sub-Label則是發行氣味與他們三人相似的其他製作如Alex Coulton, Batu與下月中(4/14)將在此廠第三號發行的布里斯托製作Hodge(Jacob Martin)。

Hodge - Amor Fati / Renegades clip Stream below

RA.407 - Beneath『Podcast』

Mar 17, 2014


沒想到這週RA. Mix竟是倫敦Grime/Bass製作Beneath,而不是準備於這星期發行首張專輯Singal的另一Grime/Bass製作Wen,這大概與Wen的整張專輯還在RA上串流試聽有關,不過說到Beneath準備在去年頗紅廠牌Pan下發表的EP怎麼延期發行了呢?

RA Interview & Download

A Made Up Sound - After Hours (AMUS)
Batu - Numen (Dub) - Snakes Cave (Horizontal Ground)
Burlish - Octave Won (Dub)
Batu - MK9 (Dub)
Pev & Kowton - Vapours (Livity Sound)
Webstarr - Agreus (Dub)
Beneath - Golden Age (No Symbols)
Wen - Lunar (Keysound)
Beneath - One Blings (PAN)
Dolo Percussion - Dolo 2 (LIES)
Cooly G - Oh Boy (Dub Organizer)
Lack - Span (Dub)
Parris - Pressure (Beneath Dub)
??? - Beneath Remix (Dub)
Hodge - Renegade (Donus Ytivil)
Pinch & Mumdance - Turbo Mitzo (Tectonic)
Acre - Symbol (Dub)
Alex Coulton - Bleep Sequence (Mistry)
Asusu - Velez VIP (Dub)
Alex Coulton - Tension (Mistry)
Rachael - Okada (Hotline)
Beneath - Worried (No Symbols)
Kerridge - Chew (Downwards)
Shackleton - Death Is Not Final (Skull Disco)
Beneath - Strike A Pose Logos Remix (Dub)

3.19.2014 Rinse x Metalheadz

Mar 14, 2014

Juce - Call You Out『Music Video』

倫敦女子組合Juce的Promo Video發佈,選用她們成軍的首發單曲Call You Out,而整支Video就整個TLC上生啊,不過這首單曲並未收錄在她們即將於下月初發行的第一張EP之中。

Om Unit b2b Doc Scott @ Boiler Room London (27.01.2014)『Audio Stream』

Mar 13, 2014

Drum & Bass傳奇Doc Scott與Footwork/Jungle先鋒Om Unit在今年一月底的30多分鐘的現場B2B Footwork/Jungle set錄音。

Stream below


Mar 12, 2014

"This is music written over the last year, whilst recording for my second album. Much of the music I released before my debut album was instrumental and I want to continue to share this side of the music I make. This series of tracks is titled TRANSITIONS. " – SBTRKT

SBTRKT在今天發佈了新作發行訊息,TRANSITIONS系列一共三張12吋包含了六首都是在去年完成的instrumental單曲,唱片與數位(分別有320kbps, WAV & FLAC形式)下載可前往transitions.sbtrkt.com預購與試聽。

2014/5/5 Transitions I  (incl. Gamalena / Hold The Line) YT112
2014/5/19 Transitions II (incl. Kyoto / Resolute) YT113
2014/6/2 Transitions III (incl. Highs + Lows / Stifle) YT113

Pinch and Adrian Sherwood at Dubspot's Dub & Bass Master Class『Video』

Mar 11, 2014

Prefuse 73 & Machinedrum - The Only Scarf『Audio Preview』

Prefuse 73(Guillermo Scott Herren)將在今日發行一首與Machinedrum(Travis Stewart)兩人早在2012年的時後就已創作好的單曲The Only Scarf,而發行也將落在Prefuse 73自己的廠牌Yellow Year裡。

Stream below

CHVRCHES - Recover remix by Sam Binga『Audio Preview』

Mar 10, 2014


布里斯托Footwork/Jungle製作Sam Binga(aka Baobinga)送上一曲來自蘇格蘭Synthpop樂隊CHVRCHES單曲Recover的混音版本試聽,日前也已經由Friction 和Rockwell等DJ在BBC Radio 1的節目中輪流播放過。

Stream below

Girls of the Internet - Masking EP『Audio Preview』

Mar 7, 2014

倫敦廠牌WNCL(來自運作者Bob Bhamra化名West Norwood Cassette Library的縮寫)的最新發行Girl of the Internet - Masking EP已在本週上市,對於還在猶豫是否要入手這張帶有Electro/Jacking House/Techno等曲風的EP,可先參考下方的全曲完整試聽。

Stream below

Girls of the Internet - Masking EP [WNCL Recordings]

Asusu - Velez (A Made Up Sound Remixes 1 & 2)『Audio Preview』

由三位布里斯托製作Peverelist, Kowton以及Asusu共同運作的廠牌Livity Sound,階段性完成了從2011年開始至去年底發行的一到八號作品與收錄這8張EP精選19首曲目而集結成的廠牌合輯後,在今年的計劃是將這一至八號作品再從中挑選找來各路知名製作而成的混音系列發行,混音系列的第一號Pev & Asusu - Surge (MMM Remix) / Pev & Kowton - Vapours (Pangaea Remix)已在一星期前公佈並準備發行於下週一(3/10),第二號發行爲Asusu的這首Velez,收錄的是柏林製作A Made Up Sound(aka 2562)所打造的兩個混音版本,發行日期則定於本月底(3/31)。

Stream below

Asusu - Velez (A Made Up Sound Remixes 1 & 2) clip

Special Request feat. Camille - Hackney Parrot & Basement Mix『Audio Preview』

UK House製作Paul Woolford所化名的Jungle/Broken Beat單位Special Request,將會在4月初替Tessela的2013年金曲Hackney Parrot (Special Request VIP)這首去年收錄在他專輯Soul Music的混音版本給獨立出作單曲發行,有別於專輯版本Hackney Parrot單曲發行將會多了Vocal的重新詮釋,這部分和以Paul Woolford之名同樣去年金曲Untitled加入完整Vocal準備重新發行爲Untitled (Call Out Your Name)一樣模式。 

下方可試聽加入Vocal的Hackney Parrot (Special Request VIP)與收錄在B side的Hackney Parrot (Basement Mix)兩個版本。

Stream below

Hackney Parrot feat. Camille clip

Hackney Parrot (Basement Mix) clip

Juce - Braindead『Audio Preview』

Mar 6, 2014

倫敦女子三人組合Juce的首支單曲Call You Out推出約兩星期後再於今日發表新單曲Braindead,此曲已確定收錄在Juce的正式首發7"之中,發行日訂於4/7並交由倫敦新廠牌Speedy Wunderground負責,廠牌運作者Dan Carey(曾製作過Franz Ferdinand, Bat For Lashes, TOY, Willy Mason, Django Django, Emiliana Torrini, The Kills, Chairlift and Steve Mason等)也包辦此張7“兩首單曲的製作。

Per-Order: Juce - Braindead / Mr Dan’s No Brain Dub (Speedy Wunderground)

Stream below

Gage - Telo / Shiftin『Audio Preview』

Mar 5, 2014

Gage被線上音樂網站Fact選為2014年最受期待的Grime製作,他的首張單曲Telo / Shiftin已準備好在本月(3/10)交由布里斯托廠牌Czraylegs發行。

Stream Below

Gage - Telo

Gage - Shiftin

Lakker - Containing A Thousand『Video Preview』

Lakker來自都柏林電子音樂單位,下方Video則是他們本週在R&S廠牌發表的4曲EP Containing A Thousand的同名單曲,成員中的Dara Smith也包辦這Video的製作。

Video below

Boxed Vol. 1『Free Compilation Download』

Mar 4, 2014


V.A. - Boxed Vol. 1 […]

Stream below

Celebrate Boxed 1st Birthday with us this Friday 7th March at Birthdays, Dalston. Free Entry -

Shwan T ft K-Aze - Country Livin' E.P『Audio Preview』

由K-Aze(Lemon D)所成立的新廠牌All Road Music,會注意到是因為Om Unit在1月底代班Oneman在Rinse FM的節目中有放到Shawn T - Country Livin (feat. K-Aze)這首單曲,此曲將會收錄在Shawn T這位來自伯明罕Juke/Footwork新血與K-Aze共同製作的首張EP COUNTRY LIVIN'內,並交由K-Aze這個新廠牌於4月初發行。

Shwan T ft K-Aze - Country Livin' E.P clip

Stream below

1. Kiss Me ft Farah
2. Tokyo 2 Paris ft Abeee Wynter Black
3. Love Me ft Teresa
4. Pinewood ft Phe Phe
5. Big Poppa
6. F@*k Dem'
7. Country Livin'

Juke Mix by Addison Groove

布里斯托Dubstep製作Headhunter會在09年開啟另一化名Addison Groove的來由眾所皆知是因為Chicago Juke,當時(2010年)從Juke取經而來的首張大作Footcrab/Dumbsh*t(由DMZ創始大佬Loefah開啟的新廠牌Swamp 81發行)也造就UK Bass這樣的音樂名詞出現。Presents James Grieve是以Addison Groove這名字所發行的第二張專輯(距離同樣由50 Weapons發行的首張專輯Transistor Rhythm時間剛好兩年),這次交出的作品較上一張來得更加完整的Juke/Footwork風味,不過現下英國玩法則是多與90'初期的Jungle/Breakbeat做結合所以較多曲子的速度來到84BPM。如果有興趣Footwork/Juke這樣有別於美式而多些英倫Jungle的風格,不彷找找Om Unit/Fracture/Stray以及這次在專輯中合作兩首的Sam Binga(事實上那兩首Rzor/11th來自於去年中兩人合作也同樣交由50 Weapons發行的BS3 EP內,Raor在專輯的版本則是多了MC部分)這些Producers近期的作品。

扯了一些,但主要還是下方Addison Groove錄製給紐約背包品牌Lexdray的最新Mixtape,收錄有他新專輯內幾首單曲結合了Teklife陣容裡的DJ Rashad和DJ Earl,法國Footwork/Jungle要角Moresounds,挪威奧斯陸的Slick Shoota以及英國同鄉的DJ Die和Om Unit.....的Juke Mix。

Stream below

DrumTalk - Time / Magnetic『Audio』

Mar 3, 2014

倫敦舞曲製作DrumTalk,在今日交由曾發行過Auntie Flo與SOPHIE的倫敦廠牌Huntleys + Palmers旗下發表一張單曲Time / Magnetic(10" w/digital download)。

DrumTalk - Time / Magnetic (2014) Huntleys + Palmers

Stream below

Djrum - Dam remixes by Akkord & Felix E『Audio Preview』

倫敦UK Bass製作Felix Manuel所化名的Djrum,將會在本月(3/10)出版一張由曼城Drum & Bass製作Synkro與Indigo組成的Techno單位Akkord以及身兼Deep Drum & Bass製作和德國廠牌hidden hawaii運作者Felix E兩組單位所進行製作的Dam Remixes,原曲Dam則取自於去年交由2nd Drop發行的專輯Seven Lies之中。

Djrum - Dam (Akkord Remix) clip

Djrum - Dam (Felix K Reinterpretation) clip

K-AZE - Warrior Groove / Future Primitives『Audio Preview』

90初期Breakbeat/Hardcore/Jungle製作Lemon D將會以K-AZE之名交出新作Warrior Groove/Future Primitives,並將交由DJ Die的Gutterfunk廠牌發行(日期未定),在試聽過後也可明顯感受到新作的風格類型也將走向Footwork/Juke/Jungle。

K-AZE - Warrior Groove clip

K-AZE - Future Primitives clip

Addison Groove - Pippin 『Beatport Exclusive』

Pippin這支單曲並未隨著Addison Groove的新專輯Presents James Grieve收錄在CD或是Vinyl版本之中,而是只獨家提供給線上數位音樂下載網站Beatport才有的發行。

Addison Groove - Pippin (Beatport Exclusive)

Stream below