SBTRKT - the fog

Jan 30, 2010


Scion X Dub Police

TOYOTA在北美車廠的另一支線品牌Scion,賣車之外對於音樂也總是不遺餘力,這次在Scion Audio Visual系列的28裡找來了倫敦Dubstep領導品牌Dub Police,由廠牌領導人Caspa率領旗下The Other、Emalkay、Trolley Snatcha、LD、D1、Unitz和Subscape等眾多Producer/DJ前來錄製這張合輯,雖然無緣在美國看到Dub Police crew的全體演出,但能率先聽到這合輯也算欣慰。

1. Caspa - Ready Eddy
Label bossman Caspa sets off the disc with a proper half-time grinder. A huge wobbling bassline over pared-down drums, sprinkled with robotic vocal fragments.

2. Emalkay - Critical Hit
A seemingly harmless filtered synth at the top quickly gives way to a frantically swung out hat and giant splash of a snare. Massive 3 oscillator bass sound rides the groove all the way through.

3. The Other - Quantum Leap
Serious bass odyssey here ya'll. Once the theme is established at the top, it's play time. The Others run the gamut here, playing with call and response ideas, basstones, and breakdowns.

4. Subscape - Dominant Species
This track puts the emphasis on the double time feel implied frequently in Dubstep. An incredibly aggressive bassline reminiscent of the late 90's drum and bass sound drives relentlessly throughout.

5. Trolley Snatcha - Slow Down
An ominous minor key string loop opens this heavy piece and sets the tone for this lumbering giant. A slow motion dirge whose bass is as heavy as its mood.

6. Matty G - Turf W*rz
80's drum machines get the full dub treatment on this tune as synths and snares echo across the stereo field over subdued basslines. Dark and spacious, this beat shows the more laid back side of the beat movement.

7. Unitz - Light Ina Distance
The most directly Jamaican-influenced track on this sampler, Unitz incorporates many familiar dub conventions including the keyboard skank, pure sine-wave bassline, and everything drenched in reverb. Great use of the 80's keyboard/horn tone nods respectively to many reggae classics.

8. Orien - Strawberry Kiss
Lush atmospheric pads and a subtle double-time skanking keyboard paired with racing stick and hats give this track a paradoxically relaxed and excited feeling. Very textural and visual track with plenty of room to breathe.

9. LD -Oh Yeah
A round, dubby bassline and double-time tambourine and hats are featured prominently in this tune and recall early 90's jungle. Flutes and synths are delayed out with vocal fragments creating a vibe full of energy, but not abrasive.

10. D1 - BRB
Situated a bit more on the modern electro side of things, this up-tempo club rocker repeats and tweaks an ascending synth line over a four-on-the-floor kick to great effect. Still, the persistence of the hi-hat and clap patterns ground this track in the Dubstep world as well.

11. J Kenzo - Constant
A minute-long intro featuring a double-time bell, super low snare, and occasional synth snarl build tension into a minimal beat driven by a sub-bass that wobbles away on 16th notes. Plenty of space in the mix, definitely a bass-bin punisher.

12. Distinction - Bionic Bug
Clever use of synths emulate the sound of insect wings swarming in the distance while more immediate sounds pan across the stereo field to get you instinctively swatting the air for digital mosquitoes. These effects, underpinned by a giant splash of a snare and sub-rumble of a bassline make this tune a winning experiment in the vast reach of the modern synth.

13. L-Wiz - Back Stabba
Decidedly filmic synth pads create a very dramatic tone on this track complete with air raid sirens and a brassy synth melody looping from 2 minutes in. Heavily swung out 16th note hi-hats keep the energy high throughout.

14. Dubwoofa - 7am Ghost
Rounding out this Dub Police collection, Dubwoofa creates a hauntingly minimal vibe with lush synth pads and a drum pattern that is both sparse and incredibly tense. A deft marriage of the texturally ambient and rhythmically aggressive.

Dub Police MySpace | Scion AV

Todd Edwards - I Might Be (MJ Cole Remix)

Jan 29, 2010

Todd Edwards MySpace | MJ Cole MySpace

FACT mix 119 – Maximo Park

Newcastle pop quintet Maximo Park contribute this morning’s FACT mix.

Singer Paul Smith’s stupid hats aside, the band have taste beyond that of their peers – their session for FACT features underground techno deity Thomas Brinkmann, tracks from Madlib and J Dilla’s Champion Sound collaboration, Moderat and more.

Tracklist follows the download link. We also caught up with the band to find out what they’ve been up to, what they’re currently into, and what they’ve got planned for the year ahead. [via Fact Magazine]

Download: FACT mix 119 – Maximo Park

Harmonia and Eno ‘76 – Lundeburg Heath
Thomas Brinkmann – 2suns
Jaylib – The Red (with elements of Raw Shit – Instrumental)
Moderat – Beats Way Sick feat. Busdriver
Cougar – Atatl
Nomo – My Dear
The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Siriusmo remix)
Matias Aguayo – Bo Jack feat. Ladybumbox – vocal version)
Ame – Rej (Hundred Birds beat-less remix
Shit Robot – Simple Things
Underworld – Holding The Moth
La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream remix – Lukas’ Philip Glassed revisit)

Maxïmo Park MySpace

SBTRKT - Soundboy Shift


Deadboy - Get Me Mix

Jan 28, 2010


If U Want Me來自南倫敦Future Garage/2 Step producer Deadboy的最新單曲,雖然還未發行但如果你也是注意這一塊音樂動態的愛好者想必也不會陌生,動作頻頻的Deadboy又交出他新的Mixtape給了Get Me網站,Go & Check It。

Download: Deadboy - Get Me Mix

1. Bad Autopsy – Beam Beamer
2. Groove Chronicles – First Time
3. Sunship – Try Me Out
4. Bump & Flex – Long Time Coming (Big Up version)
5. Jinder – Youth Blood (Bok Bok remix)
6. Elektric Red – Drank in my Cup
7. Funkystepz – Touch On Me
8. Deadboy – Easy
9. Matt Jam Lamont – Feel My Love
10. Bakongo – Baga
11. Adonis – No Way Back
12. Buraka Som Sistema – Restless (Julio Bashmore remix)
13. Ultrasound – The Hard Way
14. Zinc feat. Ms Dynamite – Wile Out
15. Mosca – Square One
16. Ke$ha – Tik Tok (Untold remix dub)
17. Groove Chronicles – Blakjack
18. Dexplicit - Karma

Deadboy MySpace

Julio Bashmore – FACT Minimix

在新增一個Julio Bashmore日前接受Fact magazine專訪時所提供的Minimix。

Download: Julio Bashmore – FACT mini-mix

Julio Bashmore – Around (forthcoming Soul Motive)
Julio Bashmore – Footsteppin
Julio Bashmore – Banda 2 (unsigned)
Julio Bashmore – The Moth (Fabric)
Julio Bashmore – Um Bongo (Dirtybird)
Sekta – Peter Pan (Julio Bashmore Remix) (Top Billin)
Mosca – Square One (Julio Bashmore Longhorn Remix) (Night Slugs)
Julio Bashmore – World Peace (Dirtybird)
Julio Bashmore – Tread Soft (unsigned)

Julio Bashmore MySpace

Julio Bashmore - Vice Mixtape

來自英國布里斯托dubstep producer Julio Bashmore今天的一段Mix Set出現在Mary Anne Hobbs的Radio Show中,雖然自己因為公事而漏聽到這段,不過在剛剛Vice的網站上也報導了這個傢伙並稱Julio Bashmore為new Joy Orbison並附上了另一段Mix set供下載,相關的Interview請進Vice詳閱,Vice Mixtape曲目如下(全都是上上之選)。

Julio Bashmore – Vice Mixtape


1. Deadboy - “Heartbreaker (Julio Bashmore Remix)”
2. Cooly G - “Love Dub”
3. Deadboy - “U Cheated”
4. Julio Bashmore - “Around”
5. Son of Aphrodite - “Vibrations”
6. DJ Sneak - “Fix My Sink”
7. Blackjoy - “Untitled (Solid Groove Remix)”
8. Mosca - “Gold Bricks, I See You”
9. L-Vis 1990 - “United Groove (Baobinga and I.D Remix)”
10. LV & Untold - “Beacon (Mount Kimbie Remix)”
11. Breach - “Fatherless”
12. Julio Bashmore - “Um Bongo’s Revenge”

Julio Bashmore MySpace Facebook

Kingdom - Mindreader

Kingdom來自紐約的Producer/DJ,先前曾替一些知名單位做過混音如DJ Mujava、Kid Sister、Telepathe以及最近的L-Vis 1990,接下來Kingdom本身的作品Mindreader/You也即將在2月份發行,數位版本發行落在A-Trak自家廠牌Fool's Gold身上,其中背面單曲You已在Annie Mac上星期的Radio Show中率先曝光,Big!,這裡就提交出由Shyvonne獻出Vocal的Mindreader。

Kingdom - Mindreader (ft Shyvonne)


Kingdom MySpace

The xx X FaltyDL

Jan 27, 2010

THE XX - Islands (Untold / Falty DL / Nosaj Thing Mixes), Young Turks

The xx即將要發行的新單曲Island Remixes,除了先前由Nosaj Thing自行公佈的版本外,收錄在碟末曲由紐約dubstep/2step Producer Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL所進行操刀的混音版本也於剛剛釋出,至於其他也會收錄在內的混音(尤其是Untold的版本)應該也不會等太久了。

The xx MySpace | FaltyDL MySpace

MA1 - I'm Right Here (N-Type Remix)

MA1 MySpace | N-Type MySpace

Breakbot New Tune

Kingdom - FABRICLIVE / Fool's Gold Promo Mix

Jan 26, 2010

01. Choice – Acid Eiffel
02. Cooly G – Weekend Fly
03. Roska – The Sheppard
04. Mosca – Square One (Kingdom Edit ft. Willie Carter)
05. Kingdom – Bust Broke
06. Shaun-D – Spanish Fly (Kingdom Remix)
07. Mike Q – I Am Legend
08. Kanji Kinetic – Thrill Seeker (Kingdom Remix)
09. Dj Toño – Nanue
10. Bok Bok – Citizens Dub ft. Bubbz
11. Untold – Don’t Know. Don’t Care.
12. Bionics vs. Slimzee – The Capsule
13. Kingdom – You
14. Kingdom – Mind Reader ft. Shyvonne (Todd Edwards Remix)
15. Kingdom – Mind Reader ft. Shyvonne (Todd Edwards Dub)

[VIDEO] Donae'o - Riot Music (Shy FX Mix)

Donae'o MySpace | Shy FX MySpace

[VIDEO] The Maccabees feat. Roots Manuva - Empty Vessels

The Maccabees MySpace | Roots Manuva MySpace


Jan 25, 2010

Episode image for 24/01/2010

一直都認為在The xx這個樂隊裡擔任Beat Maker操弄MPC的Jamie是整團的靈魂人物,以The xx的名義替其他單位作嫁混音其實也全都出自Jamie之手,而在上星期五BBC Radio 1 Annie Mac的節目以及今早Annie Mac1 Xtra Benji B代班的節目裡,Annie Mac強力放送由Jamie所特製的5分鐘XX Mini Mix,相當帥!所以小弟特別將節目裡的這段給rip下來分享給沒時間聽整段Radio Show的人。

Dorian Concept: "The Fucking Formula"
Jamie Lidell: "A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert Remix)"
Flying Lotus: "Massage Situation"
Jack Penate: "Pull My Heart Away"
Jack Penate: "Pull My Heart Away (Jamie xx Remix)"
Harmonic 313: "Problem 4"
Roots Manuva: "Witness the Fitness"
Bullion: "Get Familiar"
Joker: "Digidesign (Om Unit Remix)"
Joker: "Digidesign"
Boogaloo Crew: "Calling All Dancers"
Tes La Rok: "Uprise"
Burial: "Unite"
Rich Reason & Fantastic Mr. Fox: "Lo-Fi-Ve"
Joy Orbison: "Hyph Mngo"
Skream: "Trapped in a Dark Bubble"
Fantastic Mr. Fox: "Plimsoul"
Deadboy: "U Cheated"
Florence & The Machine: "You've Got the Love (Jamie xx Rework)"
The xx: "Islands"

The xx MySpace

dBridge ft. Instra:mental & Skream - Arcaia Avenue (Autonomic Dub)

Jan 24, 2010

2 new big tune from MAH radio show

每個星期聽Mary Anne Hobbs的節目都讓自己獲益良多,真的對於她所介紹的每一首單曲都愛不釋手,上週依舊是相當精彩所以自己特別從節目中切割了其中兩首,其他的曲目請自行前往BBC Radio 1去慢慢體會。

Nosaj Thing - Coat of Arms (Boreta Remix)

LV & Untold - Beacon (Mount Kimbie Remix)

[VIDEO] DJ Zinc ft. Ms Dynamite - Wile Out

DJ ZINC的Wile Out和與Benga合作的My DJ都交由Ms Dynamite獻出Vocal並將一同收錄在二月份發行的新單曲Wile Out內,這兩首歌從去年底開始已經有相當多英國DJ在Set中都會帶入,因此讓自己對於Wile Out和My DJ都印象深刻,會是決不能錯過的2010年度代表單曲之一。

DJ Zinc MySpace

FACT mix 117 – Subeena

Jan 22, 2010

Subeena’s been releasing music for several years on her own Immigrant Recordings label, and caught FACT’s ear on the merit of her melodic, shimmering sound that often recalls Detroit house and Selected Ambient Works-era Aphex Twin before it did the dubstep producers she found herself grouped in with.

Her production reached new heights twice in 2009; first with the gorgeous ‘Bokst’, and then with her first 12” for veteran electronic label Planet Mu which paired space station R’n’B (‘Solidify’) with gently melodic Dial style house (‘Analyse’). Let’s face it, Subeena’s only going to get better and the formation of her new label, Opit, is only going to help, so if ever there was a time to get this extremely talented individual on the FACT mix, it’s now.

It’s a bit of a tasty mix to boot – tracks are mixed deep, and played in ways you wouldn’t expect (check Hot City’s pumping house anthem ‘No More’ used as an under-the-surface bubbler rather than played for the drop like usual). New material from Hyetal, Sbtrkt, Appleblim and of course, Subeena features. [via FACT Magazine]

DOWNLOAD: FACT mix 117 – Subeena

Somfay – Averroes
Dañez – Spacecraft (Pepepe Remix)
Subeena – Picture
Greena – Tenzado
DVA – Ganja
Computer Juice – Computer Juice
Hyetal – Neon Speech
KuBo feat. MC Fefe – Turnerment
Hot City – No More
Planetary Assault Systems – X Speaks to X (Appleblim & Al Tourettes Remix)
Photonz – Aquarian Ball
Udachi – Phunk Skank (Ricorb Remix)
Orrphan 101 – Tonic
Throwing Snow – Un Vingt
Fantastic Mr Fox – Sketches (Sbtrkt Remix)
Untold – No one likes a smart-arse
Tsiridis & Evirgen – Cotton (Dub Version)
Baobinga – Ride It
Ghosts on Tape – Midnight moves
Blue Daisy – Strings detached

Subeena MySpace

Deathface new track UP

GhostKlub - Reaper (Deathface End Credits Remix)

Bad Boy Bill - Do What U Like (Deathface's Hardhouse Remix)

Deathface MySpace | GhostKlub MySpace | Bad Boy Bill MySpace


1.Spoonface- My Soun
2.Baobinga & ID- Tongue Riddim
3.Boris Dlugosch- Bangkok (Roska rmx)
4.Marcus Price & Carli- Mat, Bira, Kvinnor, Weed (Dubbel Dutch rmx)
5.Lighter- Skanker
6.Zinc- Killa Sound (Heavy Feet rmx)
7.Laidback Luke & Diplo- Hey (Dre Skull rmx)
8.KS-20- Fun-key
9. L-VIS 1990- United Groove (MJ Cole rmx)
10.Ghosts on Tape- Predator Mode VIP
11.Royal T- 1UP (Martin Kemp rmx)
12.Bok Bok- Citizens Dub feat. Bubbz

Ghosts On Tape MySpace | SoundCloud

[VIDEO] Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed

Ellie Goulding MySpace

[VIDEO] Blood Red Shoes - Light It Up

Jan 21, 2010

Blood Red Shoes MySpace

[VIDEO] The xx - VCR

The xx MySpace

[VIDEO] The Big Pink - Don't Look Down




The Big Pink MySpace

Starkey, Reso & Anneka @ Mary Anne Hobbs Radio Show

SBTRKT 17.01.2010

Jan 17, 2010

倫敦2step/dubstep producer SBTRKT兩星期前在BBC Radio1的Gilles Peterson節目裡與Sampha做Live演出短短的17多分鐘已讓自己對於SBTRKT印象深刻(坐公車轉捷運或是搭高鐵時都一定要來聽上一遍),現在他又錄製了一段約半小時的Mix Set所帶來的曲目更是自己目前的心頭好,接下來應該會在今年發行的首張專輯對我而言可是相當的期待。


SBTRKT & Sinden - Kind Of Familiar (Test)
Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (Aus)
2562 - Flashback (Tectonic)
MJ Cole - Volcano Riddim (Prolific)
These New Puritans - We Want War (SBTRKT Remix) (Angular)
A Made Up Sound - Closer (AMS)
Headhunter - Prototype (Modeselektor Remix) (Tempa)
EL-B - The Club (Tempa)
MJ Cole - Sanctuary (SBTRKT Remix) (Test)
Pangaea - Memories (Hessle)
Zomby - Digital Fauna (Brainmath)
Erykah Badu - Next Lifetime (Universal)
SBTRKT - Step In Shadows (Young Turks)
Portico Quartet - Lines (SBTRKT Remix) (Real World)

Sbtrkt MySpace

Detachments - Circles Remixes Part There

Jan 16, 2010

最近一直都還蠻喜愛的這組來自倫敦新晉Neo-Postpunk/Electronic樂隊Detachments,在他們於去年底發行的第三張單曲Circles裡的A面曲Circles除了是由James Ford(Simian Mobile Disco)製作,還找來Dubstep Producer Martyn的前來加持混音(收入在Circles Remixes Part Two,可能是吸引自己的最大主因?。),B-side曲H.A.L.還是由Andrew WeatherallTwo Lone Swordsmen)製作的,當然也收入了Andrew Weatherall的Disco Dub版本在Circles Remixes Part One裡,其他在這兩張混音單曲內出現的單位還有Beg to Differ、Night Plane、Mighty Mouse以及King of Town,已經發行過了三張單曲的Detachments接下來的任務應該就是要準備發行他們的首張專輯,而在製作團隊方面除了上述的James Ford、Andrew Weatherall有繼續參與外,還邀請到了Trevor Jackson(Playgroup)和Tim Goldsworthy(UNKLELCD Soundsystem)的加入,後勢如何好像也不必多說什麼,等待會是最好的辦法。
下面試聽是由Detachments所屬廠牌THISISNOTANEXIT Records稍早在SoundCloud上所提供的其他三個混音版本,全收錄在Circles Remixes Part There裡,目前只提供在Beatport上做Digital下載。

Detachments - Circles (Dsico remix)

Detachments - Circles (Beg to Differ Mix)

Detachments - Circles (Spectral Empire mix)

Detachments MySpace

[Preview] SBTRKT brand New single "Laika"


SBTRKT - Laika (MATH04) - Brainmath


adidas Originals - Star Wars Collection

Jan 15, 2010

最後出現Daft Punk

Rubber Soul by FunkStar

Jan 14, 2010

目前正在英國留學的Funkstar錄製了一首帶有些許民族宗教色彩的全新單曲Rubber Soul。

FunkStar - Rubber Soul

teenagersintokyo X The Horrors

teenagersintokyo - Peter Pan (The Horrors Remix)

b-side from the Peter Pan single, out March 2010

teenagersintokyo MySpace SoundCloud



Ikonika Fenchurch Mix Jan 2010

Jan 12, 2010

1. Agent X Feat Kele Le Roc - Skank
2. Skream - Rottan
3. Horsepower - Giving Up On Love
4. Mala - Blue Notez
5. Cult Of The 13th Hour - Wickedness
6. Mr Keaz - Untitled
7. Geeneus - Jam Hot (Davinche Remix)
8. Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches (Menta Remix)
9. Marc Ashken - Size 3 (Skreamix)
10. Terror Danjah - Acid
11. Headhunter & Invisible - Luvdup
12. Ikonik -Idiot
13. Brown Acid - Bastard Kids (Ikonika Remix)
14. Cubic Zirconia - Hoes (Ikonika Remix)

Ikonika MySpace

[VIDEO] Hurts - Blood, Tears & Gold

被BBC選為2010年該注目新團之一的曼徹斯特duo組合Hurts,令我訝異的是他們連一張單曲都還沒有,去年初發跡的單曲Wonderful Life也才剛要在本月中發行,不過無所謂反正這團的另一支新單曲Blood, Tears & Gold已經悄悄的在Hurts的官方Youtube上發佈,至於Hurts的後勢如何對我來說好像並不是很重要。

Hurts MySpace

[Preview] Donae'o X Skream

Jan 11, 2010

Donae'o - Riot Music (Skream Remix)

Donae'o MySpace | Skream MySpace

FACT mix 114 - Sully


"My view is that he's a genius" - Grievous Angel

What we do know about Sully is that he's something special. Nicknamed the King of Swing amongst dubstep heads that know, his 'Phonebox' single from 2008 is one of FACT's very favourite dancefloor jams of the past few years, and it's one of several underground, overlooked bangers to Sully's name.

The next step in the Sully story takes the form of a 12" for Martin 'Blackdown' Clark's Keysound label, who also have released / will be releasing singles by Skream, LHF, Kowton and Zomby. "Sully is a really key artist for me", Clark told FACT in a recent interview.

"With all the talk about garage and the new hybrids of it … his 'The Loot Remix' is speed garage but 'In Some Pattern' is a perfect example of how you can have a swung 2step framework but go in completely different directions with it, in this case part 80s electro part detuned synth/purple wow." Both tracks are featured on the aforementioned 12".

Anyone with half an interest in swinging, percussive garage and gorgeous, enveloping melodies should have a full interest in Sully's FACT mix - it features new, untitled productions from your man, plus fresh material from Kowton, Sbtrkt and more.[via Fact magazine]

Download: FACT mix 114 - Sully

Sbtrkt & Sampha - Break Off (Ramp)
Sully - Untitled
Sully - In Some Pattern (Keysound)
Kowton - Stasis (G Mix) (Keysound)
Sully - Untitled
LV ft. Errol Bellot - Don't Judge (Fantastic Mr Fox Mix) (2nd Drop)
Emma - Rainbow Dust Pt II
Desto - Lost Bits
King Thing - Different Spin (Furioso)
Sully - Untitled

Sully MySpace

[Preview] Miike Snow X Emalkay

Jan 10, 2010

Miike Snow預定本月底發行取自同名專輯內的最新單曲Silvia,下面試聽為其中將收錄在內的Dubstep producer Emalkay的混音版本。

Miike Snow - Silvia (Emalkay Dubstep Remix)

Miike Snow MySpace | Emalkay MySpace

[VIDEO] Wild Palms- Over Time

Wild Palms來自倫敦的Post-Punk樂隊,Over Time是他們去年底發行的首張7“單曲,也是自己當前喜愛的樂隊之一。

Wild Palms MySpace


Jan 9, 2010


另外Mykal也在這次的【ER Discotheque X KOZM X Stylicon Present】STYLICON ASIA活動前錄製了2010年的最新Mixtape,期待他當晚的Set比這裡還要精彩。


1.Fuck Buttons - Surf Solar (7" Edit)
2.Sissy Nobby - Lay Me Down (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
3.Mowgli - London To Paris (Original Remix)
4.Malente & Dex - Gipsy Kings feat. Analogik (Round Table Knights Remix)
5.Zombies For Money - Bhangra Dance
6.MYSS - O.P.P.
7.Crookers feat. Kelis - No Security (Bart B More Remix)
8.Doorly - Toys (Eskimo Twins Remix)
9.Clash The Disko Kids - Aneurysm
10.The Count & Sinden - Elephant 1234 (Hot City Remix)
11.Dexpistols - New Jack House feat. Jon-E
12.Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)
13.Delphic - Doubt (Cryptonites Remix)
14.Riton & Primary 1 - Radiates (Riton Rerub)
15.Gtronic - Iron Man (Hostage's Tron Curtain Remix)
16.The Lowbrows - Oh No
17.Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes (Diplo's B-Live Remix)
18.Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok (Roska Remix)
19.Deadboy - U Cheated
20.Darkstar - Aidy's Girl Is A Computer (Kyle Hall Remix)
21.Cooly G - Narst
22.Zinc - Blunt Edge
23.Chase & Status - Eastren Jam (Kyle Watson Re-rub)
24.JAYOU - Western Jam (JAYOU's Gone East Remix)
25.Far Too Loud - Dancefloor Destroyer
26.Ctrl-Z & Freestylers feat. Navigator - Ruffneck 09 (Original Mix)
27.Myagi & The Root Sellers - Rock One (Zero B Remix)
28.Redlight - Feel So Good
29.Bob Sinclar feat. The Sugarhill Gang - Lala Song (Dexpistols Remix)

Total: 79 min 06 sec

*正式CD版本將會隨同Overkill與Mania推出的'VERBAL X MADEMOISELLE YULIA X DJ MYKAL Limited Tee"附贈, 敬請留意Overkill與Mania官方部落格發售消息發布

【ER Discotheque X KOZM X Stylicon Present】STYLICON ASIA

ER Discotheque X KOZM X Stylicon Present

VERBAL (m-flo/Teriyaki Boyz)
DJ MYKAL a.k.a.林哲儀 (BRAiNCHiLD/本色/Taiwan)

身為剛成軍歡度十週年的日本超人氣Club/Pops組合m-flo靈魂人物之一,VERBAL多年來也曾以個人名義為Coldfeet、安室奈美恵、倖田來未、中島美嘉、Boa、DJ Hasebe、Fantastic Plastic Machine、Gagle、Clazziquai Project、Jazztronik、DJ Deckstream、SBK、Dexpistols、Towa Tei…等日本各領域藝人/音樂人跨刀。而更成為Teriyaki Boyz®成員後更有機會與Pharrell Williams/Daft Punk/Kanye West等國外一流歌手/製作人進行密切的音樂交流。和A Bathing Ape/Billionaire Boys Club/Phenomenon/Roc Star等品牌私交甚篤,同時與時尚/街頭潮流界向來互動密切的他,也擁有備受矚目的個人品牌Antonio Murphy及Ambush。
2008年起VERBAL唱而優則DJ,開始以DJ身分活躍於日本各大Party足跡甚至跨至亞洲其他國家。同時他另外成立經紀公司KOZM,Mademoiselle Yulia便是旗下藝人。

身為東京Electro Girl DJ頭號代表的Mademoiselle Yulia,早在十幾歲時就受邀參加英國的派對演出,緊接著回到東京後就被相中開始了以她為主題的「Neon Spread」派對,而她同時兼具DJ/MC/演唱的多元表演風格讓她經常受邀於不同類型的Party中演出,不僅與Towa Tei、Shinichi Osawa (大澤伸一)、Dexpistols等……日本知名DJ,更與Katy Perry、M.I.A、Boys Noize、Surkin等國際知名藝人同台演出過。
在DJ身分之外,Mademoiselle Yulia不但在時尚雜誌「Nylon」擁有專欄並為知名潮流網站honeyee.com撰寫blog,更以歌手角色為Teriyaki Boyz®、Towa Tei、Krazy Baldhead等跨刀獻聲。另外她也參與自家配件品牌「GIZA」的設計並為電視節目「SPACE SHOWER」擔任VJ。
年紀輕輕的MADEMOISELLE YULIA在2008年8月發表首張DJ-Mix專輯「NEON SPREAD」,大獲好評,短短一年後便出版了第二張「Neon Spread 2」。

DJ Mykal a.k.a.林哲儀
台灣資深樂評、四屆金曲獎評審、兩屆DMC DJ大賽台灣區評審、前mcb Taiwan音樂雜誌總編輯、潮流唱片行M@M Boutique主理人、與陳柏霖共同創立潮流設計單位BRAiNCHiLD。
The Prodigy與The Music樂團台北演唱會唯一指定暖場DJ,張震嶽全美巡迴御用DJ,並曾與Paul Oakenfold、DJ Shadow、DJ Krush、James Lavelle(UNKLE)、Andy C、DJ Hype、DJ Craze、Fantastic Plastic Machine…等同台演出,2007年底更獲田中知之(Fantastic Plastic Machine)力邀赴日擔任在東京指標夜店Yellow舉辦之Grand Tourisme七週年派對的Guest DJ。2009上半年不僅兩度受邀至沖繩演出,七、八月時更分別與VERBAL(m-flo/Teriyaki Boyz)和Gaines在涉谷Trump Room與青山Le Baron de Paris同台DJ演出。
曾為Christian Dior、Marc Jacobs、Adidas Originals、Puma等知名時尚品牌Fashion Show擔任DJ,多年來也為Devilock、Subcrew、Protest、Fingercroxx、Overkill、Remix、Mania…等日港台街頭潮流品牌的Party跨刀DJ演出。
2007年5月於台灣環球音樂旗下發表首張官方DJ-Mix專輯「Original Brainchild」獲Fantastic Plastic Machine、Dieselboy等國際DJ背書力薦。

M@M Boutique 台北市忠孝東路4段112號4F之3 (02) 8771-5688
AMPM 台北市忠孝東路4段205巷26弄5號1樓 (Sofa巷子內) (02) 27110581
SCREAMING 台北市萬華區昆明街109號B1-1 (02)23896936
OVERKILL西門店 台北市昆明街96巷4號2F (02) 2314-5671
OVERKILL敦南店 台北市敦化南路一段161巷15號 (02) 2776-5456
MANIA 西門店 台北市昆明街96巷12號1F 02-2375-7995
NEU!台北店 台北市大安區敦化南路一段177巷17號 (02)87718170
SPECIES RECORDS 有種唱片 台北市昆明街96巷20號2樓 (02)2375-5518

18歲以下禁止進入 入場請攜帶身分證 18 YEARS OLD AND OVER ONLY

場地:The WALL

現場:NT900 *憑票附一杯飲料With One Free Drink


Jan 7, 2010

在Jackmaster(Glasgow新晉廠牌Numbers的一員)獻給Dazed Digital的Mixtape中,可以搶先聽到Deadboy、Joy Orbison、Sbtrkt....等單位的最新作品及混音單曲。

Numbers Dazed Mix by Jackmaster

Modeselektor - Art + Cash (SBTRKT Broke Remix) - forthcoming 50 Weapons
Rhythm Construction Co. - Mighty Love (Wickedest Dub) - Nice 'N' Ripe
Deadboy - Here 4 U - forthcoming Numbers
C. J. Boland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand's Drum And Bass Mix) - FFRR
TRG - Tribal Flex - forthcoming Tempa
DJ Slugo - Wouldn't You Like To Be A Hoe Too - Dance Mania
Mike Dunn pres. The MD X-Spress - Deep Down (The Unbderground) - Fluential
Kim English - Night Life (Retail Club Mix) - Nervous
Deadboy - if U ant Me (Brackles & Shortstuff Remix) - forthcoming Numbers
KingThing - Bump - forthcoming Fortified
Roska & Untold - Myth - forthcoming Build
Joy Orbison - Derobe - forthcoming Aus Music
George Fitzpatrick - Don't You - forthcoming Doldrums
Taz Buckfaster - Wetter Is Better - forthcoming Rwina
ROX - My Baby Left Me (Terror Danjah Remix) - forthcoming Rough Trade
Terror Danjah & Rudekid - Best Crawler - forthcoming No Hats No Hoods
Mr. De' - Whonleeone - Electrofunk
Fonzworth Bentley & Anthony Hamilton - Greener (Instrumental)

Jackmaster MySpace

Mishka Keep Watch #15 = Micromix #4!

Crookers are a big deal. They are such a big deal that to coincide with the release of Keep Watch Volume 15 – the latest installment mixed by said DJ's – Mishka have produced a limited run Crookers T-shirt.

FACT mix 112: Deadboy

Jan 4, 2010


A recent recruit to Glasgow's Numbers, the umbrella label formed from Dress 2 Sweat, Wireblock and Stuff, Deadboy's FACT mix has been in constant rotation at our office since its submission last year, and we couldn't think of a better way to start off the year.

Featuring Theo Parrish, Scott Garcia, Julio Bashmore, Martyn and plenty of Deadboy's own material, it's a mix that perfectly reflects the blurred crossroads between house, garage, R'n'B and dubstep that the likes of Mosca, Bok Bok, Joy Orbison and more are currently inhibiting, with a sense of longing that runs through the mix - whether that's for lovers past or the halcyon days of 2step. Bassline house star Burgaboy has rarely sounded as sad as he does on this mix.

For the tracklist and an interview with Deadboy hit up page two. Photography and help with the sleeve design comes courtesy of the talented Steve Braiden. [via FACT magazine]

Download: FACT mix 112 - Deadboy

1. Three Chairs - No Drum Machine Pt.2 (three chairs)
2. Deadboy - Brock Lee Riddim (Well Rounded)
3. Deadboy - Heartbreaker (Well Rounded)
4. Theo Parrish - Soul Control (Sound Signature)
5. Martyn - For Lost Relatives (Aus Music)
6. Julio Bashmore - Footsteppin (unreleased)
7. Scott Garcia - It's a London Thing (Underground Connection)
8. Deadboy - Lingua (unreleased)
9. El-B - Assassin (Ghost)
10. Cassie - Official Girl (deadboy unofficial girl remix)
11. Smokin' Beats - Dreams (Smokin Beats)
12. Joy Orbison - J.Doe (forthcoming DLDRMS)
13. D-Malice - My Joy refix (white)
14. Deadboy - U Cheated (Well Rounded)
15. Burgaboy - You and Me (Strickly Bangorz)
16. Deadboy - If U Want Me (forthcoming Numbers)

Deadboy MySpace

Sbtrkt 01.01.2010 mix

Jan 2, 2010


USL - Making Love
SBTRKT & Sampha - Break Off
L-Vis 1990 - United Groove (MJ Cole Remix)
DJ Master-D - Mad Drumz
Breakage ft Newham Generals - Hard
Dorian Concept - Trilingual Dance Experience
Skream - One For The Heads Who Remember
Sbtrkt - ▲
Modeselektor - Art & Cash (Sbtrkt Remix)
Sbtrkt - Rundown
Shortstuff - Stuff
Tech-A-Freek - Digital Afrika
The XX - Fantasy
Four Tet - Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)

Sbtrkt MySpace