Sonic Router Mix #126: Alex Coulton

Apr 5, 2012

幾天前聽過Alex Coulton這位現年19歲的曼徹斯特新銳製作/DJ錄製給Sonic Router的Mix就已非常的喜歡,恰巧今天RA也將這段Mix選為Mix Of The Day。

個人新作'Candy Flip/Brooklyn'已透過布里斯托Dubstep/Bass Music廠牌Idle Hands發行。

East Coast Connection – Summer In The Parks
Kowton – Never Liked Dancing (forthcoming Idle Hands)
Alex Coulton – Brooklyn (forthcoming Idle Hands)
Schatrax – Restless Nights (Schatrax)
Roska – Boxed In (Roska Kicks & Snares)
Szare – Pressure (Horizontal Ground)
Alex Coulton – Bounce (???)
Milton Bradley – A Sky Full Of Numbers (Do Not Resist The Beat!)
Alex Coulton – Function (???)
Alex Coulton – Candy Flip (forthcoming Idle Hands)
Marcel Dettmann – Barrier (Ostgut Ton)
Szare – Red Desert (Krill Music)
Alex Coulton – Representations (All Caps)
Alex Coulton – Fade Realization (???)
Logos – Atlanta 96 (forthcoming Keysound Recordings)
ShadowBox – C O (???)

Mosca - Eva Mendes『Official Video』

Apr 3, 2012

Video來自Garage/Bass Music製作Mosca的新作Eva Mendes(對就是那位古巴裔拉丁女演員),未來將會發行於UK House廠牌Hypercolour。

Elgato - Zone / Luv Zombie『Preview』

UK Bass Music廠牌Hessle Audio的第20號發行Elgato - Zone / Luv Zombie

XXXY - I Know This Can't Be Love『Official Video』

Video裡的單曲I Know This Can’t Be Love取自於曼徹斯特Garage製作xxxy將發行於Well Rounded廠牌的新作Everything EP內,另外‘I Know This Can’t Be Love’取樣了Cassie在Must Be Love內的一段歌詞。

4/7 Melt presents: LoudintheDark

Apr 2, 2012

時間/Time:10:30pm - 05:00am
地點/Venue:Revolver Bar
地址/Address;中正區羅斯福路一段1-2號/No.1-2, Sec. 1, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei City
票價/Price:NTD$250(w/1 drink)

Everyone's like "when will there be a MELT party on saturday?" so...

MELT Presents:

L o u d i n t h e D a r k

四月七日星期六MELT DJs將與DJ Zo(Lives In Live/無用兄弟會 Useless Brotherhood)以及Admonished聯手一起在Revolver帶來Drumstep/Jungle/Dub/Dubstep/Juke/UK Bass/UK Funky/Garage/Rap/Deep House等各自擅長的跳舞音樂類型與大家一起同樂。

The Melt Gang takes over Saturday Night with some special freinds.

Line Up
Admonished 10:30 - 11:40
Katrina 11:40 - 12:50
DJ Zo 12:50 - 02:20
RobJabbaz 02:20 - 03:30
DiSCOATTACK 03:30 - 04:30


DJ Zo(Lives In Live/無用兄弟會 Useless Brotherhood):Durmstep // Dubstep // Dub // Jungle
前Roxy Roots的DJ,來自台灣花蓮,擁有一半的阿美族血統 ,因為喜歡牙買加獨特音樂類型而開始接觸Dub/Reggae等。現屬於無用兄弟會(Useless Brotherhood)的一員,只要是無用兄弟會的活動幾乎都可以看到Zo。現在偏好Dub/Dubstep/Drumstep/Jungle等音樂類型
Zo is somewhat of a rare DJ anthropological missing link between the O.G. Croydon sound and the current Brostep phenomenon. This is indeed a fine line to walk, but Zo pulls off energized, quality sets time and time again. True local badman.

Sylvain(DiSCOATTACK):Bass Music // UK Funky // Dubstep
音樂Blog DiSCOATTACK的運作者,在09年時受到有Queen Of Dubstep之稱的英國BBC Radio 1 Mary Anne Hobbs的音樂影響,著迷起Dubstep這大不列顛帝國特有的低頻聲響,在當時Dubstep這音樂類型尚未在本地受到重視前就已在默默為它推廣至今。
Local Selector, Sylvain has been on top of the modern UK Bass scene since its beginnings early last decade. He has built a reputation as a forward thinking DJ you can rely upon to play-out the newest UK tunes.

RobJabbaz(Melt):Rap // Juke // Bass
全台灣最酷的加拿大人也身為Melt的聯合創辦人。除了DJ以外,本身也還是塗鴉人士跟音樂錄影帶導演,同時自己還會創作音樂以及用黏土做小怪物。他的DJ MIX非常據衝擊力 Let's hit the ground!!
The words 'eclecticism' and 'quality' are not always said in the same sentence unless your talking about RobJabbaz. This ex-pat scumbag plays Juke, Trap, Techno, Dubstep, Moombahton, Hardhouse and everything in between. Don't sleep.

Katrina(Acidboot/Lives In Live):UK Funky // Techno // House
Acidboost與Melt的創辦人,曾經為台北舉辦過不少國外DJ的gig,目前也在信義區Myst night club(擔任駐場DJ。
AKA the half-asian sensasian, Katrina has been seducing partiers with   house selections that range from 'soulful' to 'robotic'. Get ready to hit the floor.

Admonished:Techno // Bass
Long-time MELT supporter, Admonished (aka Aaron Han) , will be hitting the decks this April. This kid is young and hungry.
Do right and bear witness.