XLR8R podcast 134 - Deadboy

Apr 30, 2010

01 Wookie “Down On Me” (Manchu)
02 Donga & Blake “Detroitus” (Well Rounded)
03 Groove Chronicles “Shattered” (Groove Chronicles)
04 C.R.S.T “Need You” (Well Rounded)
05 Velour “She Wore Velour”
06 Hackman “Blacksnake” (Well Rounded)
07 Soule:Power “Lost (Bakongo Remix)” (DVA)
08 Skinnz “I Know” (Well Rounded)
09 Andy Bell “Call On Me (Deadboy Remix)” (Mute)
10 xxxy “I Can’t Stop”
11 Destiny’s Child “Bills Bills Bills (Harmonimix)” (white)
12 Todd Edwards “I Might Be (Joy Orbison Remix)” (Scion A/V)
13 Basic Channel “Phylypstrak II” (Basic Channel)
14 Gongon “I Could Be There” (Well Rounded)
15 D-Malice “Full Effect” (white)
16 Deadboy “Here 4 U” (Numbers)
17 Andrea “You Still Got Me” (Daphne)
18 M&M “I Feel This Way (Remix)” (Suburban Base)

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[VIDEO] Hurts - Better Than Love

Apr 29, 2010

Hurts MySpace

Edwin Congreave (Foals, Keyboard) - Clique Discotheque Mix

Apr 28, 2010

An exclusive 50 minute mixtape from Edwin Congreave (Foals, Keyboard) ahead of their upcoming DJ set at Clique!

Foals MySpace

[VIDEO] M.I.A. - Born Free

Apr 26, 2010

M.I.A. MySpace

RA.204 Starkey

RA.204 Starkey

Download: RA.204 Starkey

Starkey - 11th Hour - Planet Mu
Kaiser - Polyphonic Pressure
Terror Danjah - Reinforced
Mensah - Acid Dub - HENCH
Spooky - The Devil Within - Oil Gang
Numan - Skull Crusher (Sduk remix) - Slit Jockey
Starkey - Robot Hands
Scratcha DVA - Bullet Dub - Keysound Recordings
Zeno - Test1
Mr. Rogers - Birdbox (Starkey remix) - Innerflight
Starkey - Fourth Dimension - Planet Mu
Stagga - The Park (Draw remix) - Subdepth
Dream McLean - Woo Riddem Freestyle
Gemmy - Da Dodge
Tayo meets Acid Rockers ft. Pupajim - Vampayaa (Starkey remix) - Cool & Deadly
Skinnz & ID - Shimmy - Double Science
Magic Mash - Give Me Some More
Starkey - OK Luv ft. Badness (Eprom's Alternate Mix) - Planet Mu
Alchemyst - Let the Bass (Grimelock remix) - Stainage
Starkey ft. Anneka - Stars - Planet Mu
Foals - This Orient (Starkey remix) - Transgressive
Drake - Over - Cash Money
Baconhead - Ghetto Buffet - Acroplane
Rod Azlan - Jah Live (Starkey remix) - Scion AV
NastyNasty - Damn Girl
SchlachtofBronx - Ayoba (Knight Riderz remix)
Camp Lo - Luchini (Instrumental) - Profile
Kanji Kinetic - Zombies - Senseless
Halp - Leek - Seclusiasis
Starkey ft. Cerebral Vortex & Buddy Leezle - Club Games - Planet Mu
Swindle - Molly - Planet Mu
Numan - Skull Crusher (Capricorn One remix) - Slit Jockey
Starkey - Numb ft. P-Money - Planet Mu

Filesize / 74.66 MB
Length / 01:02:11
Podcast XML link / http://www.residentadvisor.net/xml/podcast.xml

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LCD Soundsystem X Holy Ghost!

Apr 24, 2010

2010年至今所發行的一些回歸專輯中,LCD Soundsystem的This Is Happening算還不賴聽完沒有失落感,首支單曲Drunk Girls的Video雖然受到蠻多的好評,但我不知道為什麼到目前都沒有打算點來看的念頭,然後重點是會收錄在單曲內的Holy Ghost!混音Drunk Girls,嗯就這樣,希望DFA不會很靠北的來砍檔案。

LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Remix) 320kbps via EMI

LCD Soundsytem MySpace | Holy Ghosts! MySpace

[Preview] Foals X Starkey

Apr 23, 2010

This Orient來自Foals第二張專輯Total Life Forever內的第二支發行單曲,上一支單曲Spanish Sahara找來Mount Kimbie已經美的不像話,這次找來Starkey更是不得了,我自己是這麼認為啦,This Orient將在5/3發行。

Foals - This Orient (Starkey Remix)

Foals MySpace | Starkey MySpace

[VIDEO] Foals - This Orient

Foals MySpace

FACT mix 143: Spencer (Numbers)

ACT first heard Spencer DJing in support of Flying Lotus, two or three years ago at London’s Plastic People.

His selection of crunching, techno-infused hip-hop and dubstep-not-dubstep was a revelation, presaging the sound of Rustie, Hud Mo et al that we now all take for granted. Later, when we told him how much we enjoyed the set, he said, “Yeah, I was DJing with one deck because I lost one of my Serato records in my house the weekend before and I forgot - it was a fucking nightmare. Glad you enjoyed it though.”

That kind of sums up why we like the guy, and why we asked to him record a FACT mix for us. Fast-forward to 2010 and Numbers – the Glasgow-based label and party collective co-founded by Spencer – has become something of a phenomenon, the toast of everyone from The Guardian to (probably) Oprah. Combining the forces of Wireblock, Stuff and Dress 2 Sweat, what makes Numbers and its personnel special is the breadth and depth of their tastes. Though always on the look-out for the new thing, their sensibility is anchored in ageless techno, electro and hip-hop; the championing of upfront b-more, grime, dubstep, juke and funky doesn’t come at the cost of repping heroes like Juan Atkins, Kraftwerk and Drexciya. Numbers, and particularly Spencer, know where they’re coming from.

Spencer’s FACT mix is therefore a kaleidoscopic and history-hopping affair, packing thirty deadly tracks into a taut hour-long duration. Midwest sci-fi classics like Cybotron’s ‘Cosmic Cars’ and Mr Fingers’ ‘Distant Planet’ can be found alongside fresh dubstep and UK house from Sully, Altered Natives, Addison Groove and Mosca, and a glut of new and forthcoming Numbers cuts from Deadboy, Kavsrave, SRC and Taz Buckfaster. What more do you need to know? We can guarantee you’ll find no better soundtrack than this for the scorching weekend ahead. [via Fact]

DOWNLOAD: FACT mix 143: Spencer (Numbers)

The Jonzun Crew – Space Is The Place (21 Records)
Mr Fingers – Distant Planet (Jack Trax)
DJ Gregory – Don’t Panic (Gregory and Karizma Dub) (Defected)
Cybotron – Cosmic Cars (LP version) (Fantasy)
Sully – In Some Pattern (Keysound)
Kraftwerk – House Phone (Warner)
Autechre – Eutow (Warp)
Deadboy – If U Want Me (Numbers)
MJ Cole Crazy Love (Todd Edwards Underground Remix) (Talkin’ Loud)
Roska – Time Stamp (Rinse)
Karizma – Beat Dis (R2)
Sticky – Jumeirah Riddim (Mixpak)
Altered Natives – Raaatid Einstein (Fresh Minute Music)
Ultradyne – E Coli (Warp)
Jan Driver – Rat Alert (Music Man Records)
Roska and Untold – Long Range (Forthcoming Numbers)
Deadboy – Easy (Maybe Forthcoming Numbers / Lost On HD)
Yonurican – Boriken Soul (Yonurican Club Mix)
Mosca – Nike (Club Edit) (Night Slugs)
Anthony Shakir – Spectre (Seventh City)
Addison Groove – Dumbsh*t (Swamp 81)
SRC – Brakedance (Forthcoming Numbers)
Rudekid – London Town (Forthcoming No Hats No Hoods)
Terror Danjah – Limbo (Planet Mu)
Taz Buckfaster – Future Funk (Forthcoming Numbers)
Macabre Unit – Lift Off (Terrorhythm)
Addison Groove – Footcrab (Swamp 81)
Hakan Lidbo – Walk Away (Todd’s Tell Someone Dub) (Loaded)
Untold – No One Likes a Smart-Arse (Hemlock)
Kavsrave – PClart (Forthcoming Numbers)

Caribou X VVV

本來是沒有打算要聽Caribou的東西,但因為實在太喜歡VVV上個月發行的單曲The Projects,所以VVV作的混音就不打算錯過。

Caribou - Sun (VVV remix)

Caribou MySpace | VVV MySpace

XLR8R Podcast 133 - Egyptrixx

Download: XLR8R Podcast 133 - Egyptrixx

01 Egyptrixx "Start from the Beginning"
02 Audion "Push" (Spectral Sound)
03 Egyptrixx "Bible Eyes"
04 Art Nouveau "Paradise"
05 Brodinski "Arnold Classics (Egyptrixx RMX)" (Grizzly)
06 Actress "Ivy May Gilpin" (Werk Discs)
07 Brackles "6am El Gordos" (Brainmath)
08 Ramadanman "Glut" (Hemlock)
09 Untold "Anaconda (Guarachero Refix)"
10 Terror Danjah "Air Bubble (Starkey Remix)" (Butterz)
11 Sigha "Rawwww" (Hotflush)
12 Trust "Trinity"
13 Warning "Magic Castle" (Vertigo)

Egyptrixx MySpace

[Preview] Ramadanman - Glut / Tempest

Released on 3rd May 2010

Ramadanman MySpace | Hemlock Recordings MySpace

Steve Mason(ex-Beta Band)專輯試聽

Apr 22, 2010

Steve Mason - Boys Outside

Steve Mason MySpace

[VIDEO] The xx - Island

Apr 21, 2010

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Modeselektor X Sbtrkt

Modeselektor - Art & Cash (SBTRKT Mix) 12" 終於發了。

Modeselektor MySpace | Sbtrkt MySpace

Gorillaz X Sbtrkt

Sbtrkt、Sbtrkt、Sbtrkt,今年怎麼可以錯過任何一首交由Sbtrkt製作的混音單曲勒,在上星期二Sbtrkt首次上Rinse FM的兩小時Mixset中初次聽到他替Gorillaz所炮製的這新混音單曲,但在節目中他很快的就接了Redlight超殺的新單曲Stupid所以也沒有很仔細的去聽,只是知道有這回事,不過現在有了完整的試聽,但還是有些小遺憾因為這是Instrumental版本。

Gorillaz MySpace | Sbtrkt MySpace

Detachments feat. Salem - Sands of Time

今年必注目英國團之一的Detachments收錄在已發行新單曲H.A.L.內的b-side曲目Sands Of Time找來Salem獻聲的完整試聽。

Detachments MySpace | Salem MySpace

[Free] Mystery Jets - Flash A Hungry Smile

Apr 20, 2010

Mystery Jets - Flash A Hungry Smile

Mystery Jets新單曲Flash A Hungry Smile取自即將發行的新專輯,現在前往Mystery Jets官網填上email即可取得MP3>>>http://www.mysteryjets.com/

Mystery Jets MySpace

Preview Taio Cruz X Cookie Monsta

Apr 19, 2010

雖然原曲是他媽的Hip-Hop歌手Taio Cruz的單曲Dirty Picture,但是有Ke$ha前來獻唱感覺還不錯,不過最重要的還是這首歌經由Cookie Monsta的必殺Dubstep混音加持,完美。

Taio Cruz Ft. Ke$ha - Dirty Picture (Cookie Monsta Remix)

Taio Cruz MySpace | Ke$ha MySpace | Cookie Monsta MySpace

Preview Ellie Goulding X Wire

This One Is Fucking Sick Remix From Wire,Big Tune!

Ellie Goulding - Guns & Horses (Wire Is A Badman Mix)

Ellie Goulding MySpace | Wire MySpace

R.I.P. Micron 63 (2008-2010)

Apr 18, 2010

或許Micron 63對大多數的人來說是陌生的,但是如果常來這那或多或少應該會知道Micron 63這個英國團,短短兩年至今也只曾在08年底於DiscError發過一張單曲DEATH IS COLDER THAN LOVE,之後在09年中日本有個注意這一塊類型的廠牌Knew Noise Recordings也曾發行過這單曲日本盤的CD版本,如果有很注意他們在MySpace上面的動態,那就會聽過他們放上的一些Demo還有替一些英國跟他們一樣小小的新團作嫁的混音版本,但可惜好像也都沒有發行過,不過打開自己的iTunes準備來懷念一下才發現擁有的曲目零零總總大約也有51首,這樣也就不會太難過。

Micron 63 MySpace

Example X Bar9

Example - Kickstarts (Bar9 Remix)

Example MySpace | Bar9 MySpace

MistaJam weekend dose of DUBSTEP

從昨晚MistaJam的節目裡錄下一段相當棒的Dubstep經選,MistaJam挑選的曲目大多是還未曝光但之後會發行,如Ellie Goulding新單曲Wire混音的Guns & Horses、Taio Cruz找來Ke$ha由Cookie Monsta混音的Dirty Picture、Caspa、Skepta、Heist...等,ok說這些幹嘛,自己去聽這些BAD、SICK的Big Big Big Tune吧。

Download: MistaJam Radio 1 (20100417)

Skepta - Rescue Me [Boy Better Know]
Ellie Goulding - Guns & Horses (Wire Is A Badman Mix) [Polydor]
Caspa ft. Subscape - Geordie Racer [Dub Police]
Example - Kickstarts (Bar9 Remix) [Data]
Heist - I Need Killers (140 Edit) [Sumo Beatz]
Taio Cruz ft. Ke$ha - Dirty Picture (Cookie Monsta Remix) [Island]
12th Planet - Reasons (Doctor P Remix) [Smog]
Kam Tru - Good Grief (A1, B2, C3 Remix) [Bad Mannerz]
Horx & P300 - The One [Incentive Music]

MistaJam MySpace

Major Lazer X DJ Madd

Apr 17, 2010

先前約3月底曾Po過Bristol Dusbtep Producer DJ Madd的Mixtape,在開頭曲的一首由DJ Madd所Refix Major Lazer的Hold The Line版本如果有人注意到這首,那稍早已由DJ Madd自己釋出開放下載了。

Major Lazer - Hold The Line (DJ Madd refix)

Major Lazer MySpace | DJ Madd MySpace

These New Puritans X PRDCTV

These New Puritans取自新專輯ĦỊĐĐỂŅ內的新單曲Attack Music之前雖有Po過Hervé的混音版本,但好像沒有看到新單曲內會收錄的相關消息,反而是下面這首由隸屬於Ninja Tune的牛津producer PRDCTV的版本已確定收錄在內。

These New Puritans - Attack Music (PRDCTV Remix)

These New Puritans MySpace | PRDCTV MySpace

Kingdom - April Fools Gold Part 2 Mixtape

Kingdom為了Glasgow廠牌LuckyMe所錄製的一段Mixtape,LuckyMe這廠牌相當Kool因為他們有Mike SlottRustieHudson Mohawke,以及新簽入廠牌超級值得注目的American Men(陣中成員有人來自Dananananaykroyd),總之LuckyMe品質的保證。

Download: Kingdom - April Fools Gold Part 2

01. Egyptrixx - Everybody Bleeding (Kingdom Remix ft. Shyvonne)
02. Marlon D - Funky Angel (Edit ft. Lumidee)
03. Cooly G - Weak
04. DJ Clock - My Feelings
05. Roska - I Need Love (ft. Anesha)
06. Mike Q - Master Blaster 2009
07. Mike Q - Bring You Up
08. DJ Abis - My Derb
09. DJ Otto - Soy El Diablo
10. Girl Unit - I.R.L.
11. No Lay - Unorthodox Daughter (Kingdom Remix)
12. Shareefa - Hustlin'
13. Erykah Badu - Bag Lady (Girl Unit Juke Mix)
14. DJ Pierre - Baby Talk
15. Kingdom - Red Baron Juke
16. Gremino - Let's Jack
17. Plasticman - White Gloves
18. Ciara - Speechless (ft. The-Dream)

Kingdom MySpace | LuckyMe MySpace

[VIDEO] The Neat - In Youth Is Pleasure

The Neat去年初有注意到,自己也有幾首The Neat的單曲如Broken Fingers、Carmex、CounterAct、White Boy//、Fruits、Ode To Joy. ,也有Mr Beasley混音的CounterAct,後因都沒有很大的動作就沒有太多的注意,結果連樂隊有了新單曲In Youth Is Pleasure也拍好了首支官方Video我都不知道,真是太弱了我,這新單曲也將會在4月底發行。

The Neat MySpace

Addison Groove & SRC mix For M.A.H.

Apr 15, 2010

截錄了今早M.A.H.節目裡的其中兩段Mixset,分別來自Addison Groove(Headhunter是他另一個Dubstep單位)不久前才在新銳廠牌Swamp'81下以Addison Groove名義發行了首張大熱單曲Footcrab、以及將在Glasgow廠牌Numbers.下發行新單曲Gold Coinz的SRC。

Addison Groove mix
Addison Groove – Nautilus
Addison Groove – Battle Scene
Addison Groove – Word Doc
Addison Groove – Sexual
Addison Groove – Footcrab
Addison Groove – This Gril
Addison Groove – Jam Hot
Addison Groove – Sax Machine
Addison Groove – I Dreamed A Thing

SRC – Goomba VIP [Butterz]
SRC – Gold Coinz [Numbers]
SRC – Tokyo Takedown [Numbers]
SRC – Goin Out [RWINA]
SRC – Powerman 6
SRC – Lemsip (Mr Mitch Remix) [Numbers]
SRC – Ryokou Special [No Hats No Hoods]
SRC – Sort Of A Start [Rwina]
SRC – Star Mix
SRC – Five Past [Numbers]
SRC – Electronical [Remix]

其他更豐富精彩的音樂都在Mary Anne Hobbs今早的Radio Show裡,完整試聽BBC Radio 1 Mary Anne Hobbs

Addison Groove MySpace | SRC MySpace

[Podcast] Sbtrkt on Rinse FM 13th April

ok 如果有人(應該是很多人)錯過了4/13星期二晚間7-9PM(台灣時間4/14星期三凌晨2-4AM)Sbtrkt初次上Rinse FM的現場live 2小時mix,那Rinse FM將昨晚的Live Podcast給上傳了,下載來聽聽吧,到底現在英國的音樂是在風行些什麼其實只有自己聽了才會知道。


dilla intro
rustie - clipper
l-vis 1990 - united groove (mj cole remix)
sbtrkt & sinden - kind of familiar
floating points - mud house
vvv - project x
pepe bradock - deep burnt
sbtrkt - sleep in tokyo
doc daneeka - deadly rhythm
actress - paint straw bubbles (zomby mix)
sbtrkt -wrong move
roska - sqwark
untold - stop what youre doing (james blake remix)
gorillaz - superfast jellyfish (sbtrkt remix)
redlight - stupid
sbtrkt & sinden - midnight marauder
sbtrkt - migration
sbtrkt - colonise
sbtrkt & sampha - break off
sbtrkt - 2020
ghost town djs - my boo
harmonimix - bills
mixin potion - when im down
green velvet - preacher man
sbtrkt - mindless funk
rod lee - let me see what u workin with
benga - baltimore clap
tinie tempah - pass out (sbtrkt remix)
jessie ware - nervous
erro - change for me
joy orbison - shrew cushioned the blow
the wach - longer
sbtrkt - soundboy shift
dorian concept - trilingual dance sexperience
dj zinc - 138 trek
george fitzgerald - dont you
riva starr - china gum
bonobo - eyes down (warrior remix)
zinc - my dj
modeselektor - art & cash (sbtrkt remix)
sbtrkt - rundown

Sbtrkt MySpace | Rinse FM MySpace

[VIDEO] New Young Pony Club - We Want To

Apr 14, 2010

New Young Pony Club MySpace

[Preview] Emika X Pinch

沒多久前才Po過Emika新單曲Double Edge的Video,而剛剛才注意到又同時也能試聽Bristol廠牌Tectonic的頭頭/dubstep producer Pinch所製作的混音版本。

Emika MySpace | Pinch MySpace

歡迎來到地下社會 by 林志堅 aka Randy

十年前,1976 發行《方向感》,有天在地下社會辦了一場下午場的簽唱會。現場玩了送 1976 T 恤的活動,其中一個贈獎條件是要送給全場年紀最小的歌迷。拿到的是兩個國二的小女生。

十年後,我在地下社會放歌,幫馬克白貝斯手慶生的黃雨晴看到我穿了十年還在穿的土色 1976 T 恤,跟我聊說她也有一件。我聽著聽著,突然疑問:妳不是才 23 歲,怎麼會有?

現在你知道了,十年前的國二小女生,一個是之前組 Space Cake,現在和馬克白貝斯手另組新團的黃雨晴,一個是 Go Chic 的賴思勻。

地下社會開快滿 14 年了,開始排團表演也超過十年了。有人說它就像台灣的 CBGB。CBGB 雖然有名,雖然影響深遠,但是 CBGB 關門的時候,並不特別讓人覺得婉惜。1998 年跟瓢蟲到 CBGB 表演,讓人興奮的只有它遙遠的過去,不是當下。


雖然以前常出現的熟面孔已經不多,就連宗明都返鄉種田去了,但它味道依舊沒有改變 ── 又濕又臭,卻又沒得比的搖滾!

地下社會可以自豪的,它從來不把文創當產業,也持續吸引有著相同想法的少數族群一起瞎搞惡搞。過去,它敞開大門讓我帶著水晶/實幹/Vibe 進來搞;現在,回到未來持續在搞,搞得更有聲有色,更義不容辭的賠錢。

十幾年過去了,1976 依舊謙和的在唱,吧台員工依舊多半是玩團的熱血青年,音響、PA 比過去改善良多,連不定期辦的派對,都沒話說的極端、好玩。

比較不同的是,現在的新團普遍好潮好潮,而且不少團的音樂水平和潮的程度不相上下!你來聽聽看帥哥團馬克白的後龐克玩得多順耳啊!你來聽聽看辣妹團 Go Chic 的 electro 玩得多跳啊!你來聽聽看屍術控的恐怖主義拼貼玩得多詭趣得讓人嚇到兼笑到掉下巴啊!還有好多好多好多的啊!啊!啊!...



ㄍㄟ掰 瞎掰 老機掰
樂隊 派對 來就對

林志堅 aka Randy Facebook

[VIDEO] Emika - Double Edge

Apr 13, 2010

Double Edge來自Emika將在5/10於Ninja Tune發行的第2張單曲。

Emika MySpace

[Preview] Ginz & Baobinga - The Good Stank / Baobinga & Cosmin TRG - I Get Ruff

Bristol Dubstep廠牌Build Recordings的第3張發行Ginz & Baobinga 'The Good Stank' / Baobinga & Cosmin TRG 'I Get Ruff訂於今年6月發行,現已可先行試聽。

Build Recordings MySpace

PINCH MIX April 2010

Bristol Dubstep producer/DJ Pinch新的Mixtape,不長只有35分鐘。

Pinch MySpace

[VIDEO] Annie Mac Presents @ White Room, Miami

Annie Mac MySpace

Zinc's CrackHouse Mix

Apr 12, 2010


Zinc MySpace

[VIDEO] Ellie Goulding - Guns And Horses

Ellie Goulding MySpace

Mount Kimbie Remixes PT.1

Apr 10, 2010

Mount Kimbies找來五組Dubstep producer有FaltyDLJames BlakeInstra:MentalTama Sumo & Prosumer、SCB準備將09年於Scuba自家廠牌Hotflush發行過的兩張單曲Maybes、Sketch On Glass從中挑出五首來各自製作混音版本,將會收錄在4月底發行的兩張EP Remixes Part 1 & Remixes Part 2內,自己真的是非常愛Mount Kimbies這兩人單位,尤其是今年他們幫LV & Untold在三月發行的單曲Beacon內所製作的混音版本直接是入主我當月最佳單曲,當然在自己的Mixtape裡都會放上Mount Kimbies的音樂或是混音。

下面的試聽各來自Remixes Part 1裡由紐約Dubstep Producer FaltyDL與英國隸屬於Hemlock Recordings的James Blake兩人的混音版本。

Mount Kimbie - Serged (FaltyDL Remix)

Mount Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake Remix)

Mount Kimbie MySpace | Hotflush MySpace

[VIDEO] Good Shoes - The Way My Heart Beats

Apr 9, 2010

Good Shoes新單曲The Way My Heart Beats的Video,但主唱越來越胖是怎樣,是因為倒掛著拍肉都往頭衝嗎?

Good Shoes MySpace


Apr 8, 2010

01 Take - Crystallia [Alpha Pup]
02 Mike Slott - 40 Winx [Luckyme]
03 Hudson Mohawke - Joy Fantastic (ft. Olivier Daysoul) [Warp]
04 Roska - Tomorrow Is Today [Rinse]
05 Redlight - Stupid (ft. Roses Gabor) [Digital Soundboy]
06 Joy Orbison - J. Doe [Doldrums]
07 Ikonika - They Are Losing The War [Hyperdub]
08 VVV - Project X [Fortified Audio]
09 Benga & Walsh - Biscuit Factory [Biscuit Factory]
10 Ramadanman - Tumble [Hessle Audio]
11 Mount Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake Remix) [Hotflush]
12 Computer Jay - Maintain (Ikonika Remix) [Ramp]
13 12th Planet & Juakali - Reasons (Doctor P Remix) [Scion]
14 Seven - Syphon [Black Box]
15 Delphic - Halcyon (Deadboy Remix) [Tres Cool]
16 Martyn - Little Things [3024]
17 Four Tet - Sing (Mosca Remix) [Domino]
18 Julio Bashmore - Um Bongo’s Revenge [Dirtybird]
19 Deadboy - If U Want Me [Numbers]

DISCOATTACK Mixcloud Twitter

[VIDEO] Slugabed - Quantum Leap

Apr 7, 2010

Slugabed MySpace

[VIDEO] The Heartbreaks - Liar, My Dear


這裡已經太多Dubstep讓我都忘了英國新團的聲音,The Heartbreaks來自曼城的新樂隊剛在上月中發行了首張單曲Liar, My Dear/ Save Our Souls,詳盡的中文介紹請參考IMPO大強記錄在上月初的Smash Hits Productions裡,現在就來看這新團的首支Video。

The Heartbreaks MySpace

[VIDEO] Four Tet Live on KEXP

[VIDEO] Redlight - Stupid

Redlight MySpace

[VIDEO] Detachments - H.A.L.

Apr 6, 2010

Detachments(2010最期待的英國團其一)將發行的新單曲H.A.L.為前一張單曲Circles中由Andrew Weatherall所製作的B-side,在這新發行裡除了再次收錄了Andrew Weatherall的Dub混音外,也邀到Hyperdub頭號Dubstep女子Ikonika的前來助陣。

Ltd edition 12'' on Thisisnotanexit Record. Release date 12:04:2010.
1) H.A.L. 2010 (produced by James Ford)
2) Sands Of Time (featuring Salem)
3) H.A.L. (Ikonika Remix)
4) H.A.L. (Andrew Weatherall's Disco Dub)

Detachments MySpace

Male Bonding - Nothing Hurts 專輯全曲試聽

喜歡Dum Dum GirlsWavvesVivian Girls,那這隊倫敦lo-fi trio組合Male Bonding即將在5月於Sub Pop發行的首專輯Nothing Hurts可就不能不聽一下,完整的專輯試聽現已由Sub Pop提供,全曲13首不用花你30分鐘。

Male Bonding MySpace

[RBMA Radio] Starkey

Apr 4, 2010


Starkey - Black Monolith (Devil Mix) - Fabric
Starkey ft. Anneka - Stars (Slugabed Did A Remix) - Planet Mu
Rude Kid - Jack Daniels - No Hats No Hoods
MOVES!!! - All Skate (DZ Remix) - Unreleased
Distance - Devastator - Unreleased
Max Romeo - Crisis (Stagga Remix Instrumental) - Unreleased
Starkey - Beatingz - Rwina
Dev79 - Get It G - Seclusiasis
Starkey - 11th Hour - Planet Mu
Turk - All Night - Unreleased
Kuedo - Starfox - Planet Mu
Fantastic Mr. Fox "Brandy Refix" - White
Starkey - Neck Snap - Planet Mu
Bcee - Heartache Ft. Ad-Apt (Crissy Criss Remix) - Spearhead
Raffertie vs Akira Kiteshi - Sid Bites Back - Unreleased
Eprom - Global Panic - Unreleased
XI - Icarusxxxe - Unreleased
Isaac Hayes - Walk On By (DZ Remix) - Unreleased
Mensah - Pulse 80's - Hench
Starkey - Robot Hands -Unreleased
Usher ft. Nicki Minaj - Little Freak - Arista
Bombaman - Killed Being Watched - Unreleased
Halp - Leek - Seclusiasis
SDUK - Younyt - Slit Jockey
Kaiser - The Panopticon - Slit Jockey
Stickem - This Thing Is On (DNC Remix) - Titched
Tek-One - Broken String - Hench
Starkey - Alienstyles - Planet Mu
Vex'd - Nails - Planet Mu

Starkey MySpace

[VIDEO] The Ruling Class w/ S.C.U.M - Sleeping Beauty

Apr 2, 2010

雖然說S.C.U.M替The Ruling Class的Sleeping Beauty做了個混音版本,但這影片則是S.C.U.M和The Ruling Class的一起玩Sleeping Beauty的Live。

The Ruling Class MySpace | S.C.U.M MySpace

Jackmaster's Mad Decent Mix

Fabric Live - 2nd April - Numbers

因為人跟本不在英國,所以也無緣參與4/2 Numbers主辦邀來Martyn、Rustie、Brackles、Scuba、Sigha、D-Bridge和Instra:mental等人在Fabriclive辦得活動,不過還好Jackmaster(Glasgow音樂廠牌Numbers的領導人)昨天在Dummy和Mad Decent兩個網站裡都有他精彩的Mixtape出現,在Dummy接受訪問並提供了Jackmaster的90年代House Music精選Dummy Mix 29,另外在Mad Decent裡Jackmaster獻出混合著UK Funky/Future Garage/Dubstep等現今英國最BIG的精彩Mix,當中也因為Jackmaster身為廠牌負責人的好處,可以聽到些還未發行的音樂作品。

Karizma - Beat Dis (R2)
Julio Bashmore - Um Bongo (Dirtybird)
DJ Gregory - Dama S Salon (Defected)
Cooly G - Narst (Hyperdub)
Geeneus feat. Ms Dynamite - Get Low (Forthcoming Rinse)
Roska - Elevated Level - Kingdom Edit (Unreleased)
Damage - Run & Bounce (Unreleased)
Joy Orbison - GR Etiquette (Unreleased)
Paul Johnson - Butterfly (Dance Mania)
Erik & Fiedel - Nouse Somme MMM (MMM)
Roska & Untold - Long Range (Forthcoming Numbers)
Playground Productions - Work That Big Booty (Dance Mania)
Doppleferrekt - Sterilization - Edit (Gigolo)
Roska - Squark (Forthcoming Rinse)
Martelo - Down On My Night Hunter (Unreleased)
Unspecified Enemies - Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit - Remix (Forthcoming City Of Quartz)
Addison Groove - Footcrab (Swamp 81)
Rossi B & Luca - E10 Riddim (Forthcoming Planet Mu)
Rossi B & Luca feat. Killa P - Police Ar Come Run (Forthcoming Planet Mu)
Taz Buckfaster - Robogrime (Forthcoming Numbers)
So Solid Crew - Woah (Canny Remember & Canny Be Arsed Checking)
Los Hermanos - Quetzal (Los Hermanos)
Skinnz - Make Me Feel (Forthcoming Build)

Jackmaster MySpace | Numbers MySpace

TOKiMONSTA new EP preview mix

Apr 1, 2010

TOKiMONSTA - Cosmic Intoxication EP Preview Mix
Released: Apr 2010


DJ Madd mix for Bass Music

Press | photo by rozmy | twitter.com/djmadd

Major Lazer - Hold The Line (DJ Madd remix) [Unreleased]
Seven & Elv - Breakdown [dub]
Matt U - Watching U [forthcoming Subway]
Data - Dubzilla [forthcoming Dubzilla]
DJ Madd - Corner Dance [dub]
Mr Lager - Tell Me (Von D mix) [forthcoming Subfreq]
Gemmy - Late Athens [dub]
DJ Madd - Got Me Dancing [forthcoming Subway]
Vista & Wil Blaze - Glo Worm [forthcoming Boka]
501 - Higher Ground [dub]
DJ Madd - Better With You [Boka]
DJ Madd - Swinger [dub]
The Others - Vertigo 909 [dub]
DJ Madd - Not Afraid [forthcoming Lime Dubs]
J:Kenzo - Swarm 95 [dub]
Donaeo - Riot Music (Skreamix) [Digital Soundboy]

DJ Madd MySpace