Fake x Tenisufki mixtape by Jackmaster

Nov 10, 2010

Jackmaster(Numbers.)為了本週五在波蘭當地服飾品牌Fake與潮流網站Tenisufki所主辦的活動而錄製的近30分鐘Minimix,音樂雖短但曲目卻是相當豪華,當中可以聽到Jackmaster帶來了Ramadanman所化身的另一單位Pearson Sound的新單曲Blanked(即將發行於Hessle Audio廠牌)、最近才發行新單曲Heartbaet的T. Williams與Breach合作還為發行的曲目The Bees、Untold本週發行於比利時Techno/Bass廠牌R&S的新單曲Stereo Freeze、Horsepower Productions即將在本月底發行於Dusbtep廠牌Tempa的回歸專輯Quest For The Sonic Bounty內的Mexican Slayride(絕對的Album Of the 2010)、以及Hudson mohawke還未發行新曲Thunder Bay..等,So BIG。

Pigeon Promotions & Numbers present exclusive
Fake x Tenisufki mixtape by Jackmaster

Jackmaster went in hard with this exclusive mini-mix in aid of our Numbers takeover at Fake on Friday. From Luda to Horsepower this one has it all.

Downlaod: Fake x Tenisufki mixtape by Jackmaster

Track list:
Ludacris - Girls Gone Wild
Cowbell Edit
DJ Sneak - Move Your Butt
James Fox - New Jack Swing (Unreleased)
Bounce Camp - Big Dancin (Top Billin')
Pearson Sound - Blanked (Forthcoming Hessle)
T. Williams & Breach - The Bees (Unreleased)
Untold - Stereo Freeze (R&S)
R1 Ryders - ???? (Unreleased)
Horsepower Productions - Mexican Slayride (Forthcoming Tempa)
Joe / Ludacris - How Low Claptrap (DJ Orgasmic Blend)
Hudson mohawke - Thunder Bay (Unreleased)
Alias - Gladiator (4x4 Mix)

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