[EVENT] UnderU Project 2010.11.17 @ Underworld

Nov 15, 2010


UnderU Project是由Bounce Girlz與DISCOATTACK攜手主辦每月一次的派對。因為我們有很多Fresh Tune想要分享給大家聽,感謝地下社會給我們這個場地,讓我們可以找大家一起來聽音樂。

Hello Hello Aloha! This is UnderU Party!!
UnderU Project is hosted by Bounce Girlz and Discoattack, it will be a monthly routine party taking place at UnderWorld.
We decided to do this for sharing the music we like to everybody, we can't say what genre of club music we'll be playing, cos we don't know either!! Anyway it will be the exploration of new sounds in Taipei city, the music that under you!!

地點:地下社會underworld 台北市師大路45號B1 電話 02 23690103
門票:沒有門票!! 大家只要點一杯飲料抵低消就好了!

Event Information
Venue: B1,No.45, Shida Rd. Taipei, Taiwan phone:(02) 2369 0103
Date: 11/17(Wed)
TIme: Around 11:30pm to 2:30am ( Right after the live band's show ended)
Entrance: FREE! FREE! FREE! (Must buy a drink for minimum charge)

more info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=167785359913500

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