XLR8R Podcast 169: Hyetal

Oct 27, 2010

Hyetal是來自於Bristol的Dubstep Producer/DJ,初次聽到Hyetal的音樂是在Mary Anne Hobbs 09年交由Planet Mu發行的Wild Angels選集裡的ㄧ曲We Should Light A Fire,產量不多的Hyetal年初至今只陸續與ShortstuffPeverelist合作透過Punch Drunk廠牌發行了兩張單曲Don't Sleep、The Hum / rrrr以及在Orca Recordings這個倫敦新廠牌發行的個人單曲Phoenix / Like Silver,這次受邀在XLR8R的Podcast系列169出現,從Hyetal選曲的第一首Braiden的The Alps開始到結尾挑選oOoOO、Cocteau Twins,就知道Hyetal的這段Mixset是值得一聽的。

Bristol producer Hyetal is a relative newcomer on the XLR8R radar screen, but he's spent much of the past year quietly releasing a high-quality arsenal of tunes and establishing himself as an artist to keep tabs on. Working both solo and in collaboration with heavy hitters such as Shortstuff and fellow Bristolian Peverelist—we recently previewed their new single of Punch Drunk—Hyetal adeptly combines dubstep-influenced percussion and low-end with blippy synths and a melodic sensibility that appears to draw its greatest influence from classic videogames. But Hyetal isn't just another UK bedroom beat jockey; as this mix demonstrates, his tastes are quite diverse. Listen in as he pairs his own productions with futuristic house gems and also finds the time to breeze through hip-hop re-fixes, witch house, and classic 4AD serenity. [via XLR8R]

Download: XLR8R Podcast 169 - Hyetal

01 Braiden "The Alps" (Doldrums)
02 xxxy "Replicate"
03 Deadboy "Heartbreaker (Julio Bashmore Remix)"
04 Martyn "Lefthander" (3024)
05 Julio Bashmore "Battle for Middle You"
06 Shortstuff & Hyetal "Slosh"
07 The Hundred In the Hands "Pigeon (Blawan Remix)" (Warp)
08 Unknown "Pushing (Sully Remix)"
09 Peverelist & Hyetal "The Hum" (Punch Drunk)
10 Caracal "Elements"
11 Peverelist & Hyetal "rrrr" (Punch Drunk)
12 Hypno "Kancourde"
13 Ludacris x Joe x Dj Orgasmic "How Clap Low Trap"
14 Hyetal "Phoenix" (Orca)
15 oOoOO "Sedsumting" (Tri Angle)
16 Cocteau Twins "Blind Dumb Deaf" (4AD)

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