Listen: Pop Music take from Sonnymoon's forthcoming album The Courage Of Present Times

Mar 13, 2015

成軍於波士頓現佇立於紐約發展的兩人組合Sonnymoon,其女成員Anna Wise有特殊迷人的嗓音是賣點外,較為人熟知的是曾獻聲與美國加州知名說唱歌手Kendrick Lamar 2012年受到葛萊美獎入圍的專輯”good kid m.A.A.d city“中的Real一曲,有了上次絕佳的合作關係後Anna Wise將會再次出現在Kendrick Lamar即將發表於今年的新專輯之中,不過在此之前Anna Wise的本業組合Sonnymoon將率先於本月23號帶來一張屬於他們自己的新專輯”The Courage Of Present Times“,風格裡相當有紐約團前衛的調性並且結合了電子,爵士,R&B以及西岸West Coast的Abstract Hip Hop等元素於一身。下方可完整試聽來自月初先行發表取自新專輯內一首名為Pop Muisc的單曲。

Sonnymoon - Pop Music

“Sonnymoon, a duo from Boston, have an intuitive knack for merging a strong melody with loose grooves and sleek textures.” Pitchfork

“At various points it will seem as though you are listening to electronica, at other times R&B, jazz, avant-garde, even pop. Some of the songs will sound like all of the above, at once, while others will make you wonder whether you are listening to a brand new, as yet unnamed genre… Their SoundCloud says they come from Earth, but they are out of this world.” The Guardian

As vocalists go, few have the distinct style and panache of Anna Wise. A classic voice, soothing yet bold, a hybrid of vintage soulful groove and 2015 feminist chic. That must have been the thinking behind Kendrick Lamar’s recent decision to invite Anna to contribute on ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ – she lent vocals to four tracks on the double-album as well as being hugely involved in the overall creative/writing process.

Sonnymoon are, of course, much more than Anna’s voice: in Dane Orr they have a producer capable of forming something ornate and beautiful out of the simplest of beats. To listen to ‘The Courage Of Present Times’ is to glide through eeriness, Flying Lotus channelling D’Angelo while Regina Spektor watches awkwardly from the corner. The Boston duo met at The Berklee College Of Music some years ago, their classical training always apparent, but the looseness and creatively free nature of the current L.A scene will always be as key to their music as their formative years. 

Haunting soundscapes, dreamlike ethereal noise, all kept in tow by a keen pop sensibility – The Courage Of Present Times is the work of a duo who have found their voice, their swagger enhanced by recent time in New York and their creative flow at full force. They have also shared stages with, among others: The Roots, Shabazz Palaces, and Flying Lotus

Album: The Courage Of Present Times
Released 23rd March 2015 on GLOW365

1. Blue
2. SNS
3. Grains of Friends
4. For Right Now
5. Pop Music
6. Sex For Clicks
7. Trust Fall
8. The Only Face
9. Transparent Times

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