5/27 AB Koo Presents: LOWER EAST SIDE

May 21, 2012

AB Koo Presents: Lower East Side http://www.facebook.com/events/224847324284733/

The weekend ends here.
27th May 2012 Sunday afternoon/evening 14:00-20:00
2012年5月27日 星期日 14:00-20:00


As the original drum ‘n’ bass party outfit in Taipei (1996), AB Koo has always been down with 180 bpm sounds. We’re still down with that, but for LOWER EAST SIDE we’re taking it down lower to 130 with post-dubstep, bass music. But that’s not all that’s different: LOWER EAST SIDE happens in the afternoon. On a Sunday. In an art gallery basement. On the east side of the city. And, yes, there will be 180 bpm drum ’n’ bass too. (Wouldn’t be an AB Koo party without it.)

 從1996年第一場戶外drum ‘n’ bass派對}始,AB Koo總是致力於推廣並帶給聽眾那高速且俱有震撼性的drum ‘n’ bass的音樂。我們一直沒有改變初衷與那股對drum ‘n’ bass的熱情。 只是這場星期天在台北東區的派對,我們將準備帶來些新的聲音,一種相較於drum ‘n’ bass下較慢但一樣有趣的聲音,所謂的post-dubstep與bass music! (當然也會有傳統標誌性的AB Koo之音。) 請記得這場台北東區一家畫廊地下室的AB Koo派對,將會從下午}始帶給你AB Koo想要與你分享的好聽音樂。


The authority on all post-dubstep/bass music/130 sounds in Taipei, both as DJ and music-lover. Visit Sylvain’s http://discoattack.blogspot.com/ blog for proof
在台北當下播放post dubstep與bass music的Sylvain,是當紅的先鋒之一,想要了解更多他與他的音樂,歡迎瀏覽http://discoattack.blogspot.com/

Katrina (Acidboost)
A fixture of the sadly defunct “Melt” nights at Revolver, Katrina knows her way around a UK funky set better than anyone in Taipei. More athttp://acidboost.tumblr.com/
Katrina也將會為大家帶\多不一樣的bass music,在台北中他是UK funky音樂的佼佼者,有興趣多了解他的人,請瀏覽http://acidboost.tumblr.com/

A-Bomb (AB Koo)
Taiwan’s first drum ‘n’ bass DJ, the much-missed A-Bomb returns for his first DJ set in eight years. His sound palette has expanded to include bass music, future garage and mutant R&B
台灣第一個本土drum ‘n’ bass DJ A-Bomb,相信熟悉AB Koo的人一定不用多說,睽違八年後他將獻出他的回歸首秀,把drum ‘n’ bass音樂延伸出來的bass music,加以融合future garage與其他多元化的變種音樂。

Em (AB Koo)
Em will deliver his long-anticipated first set since returning to reside in Taipei after almost a decade in Beijing. This DJ legend will serve up well-loved classics and anthems from the breakbeat genre
AB Koo元老級DJ之一的Em將會帶來自北京歸來睽違已久的DJ Set,擅長於播放碎拍舞曲的他,依然會選上他最喜愛與最經典的碎拍電音。

A true DJ legend who played at the first-ever AB Koo party in 1996, fish.the will throw down some old-school drum ‘n’ bass jams for the hedz
台北傳奇性的老牌DJ兼AB Koo好友的fish. the,從1996年的第一次AB Koo的派對表演後,也將帶給大家\多經典的drum ‘n’ bass老歌,讓樂迷們重懷一下過去的美好時光!

Lai (Agnst.Asia)
The future of drum ‘n’ bass is in good hands in Taipei with Lai, whose exciting sets are marked by a discerning ear for quality
台北的drum ‘n’ bass新秀Lai,也會在派對中帶來他特選的聲音來滿足每一對挑剔的耳朵!


Where TIVAC (Taiwan International Visual Arts Center), an art gallery specializing in displaying works of the photographic medium, is located just meters down the alley (heading east) from the Lexus dealership on Dunhua South, and four alleys south of Bade Road behind TTV. (Look for the angel wearing a purple tank top and green cargoes doing chin-ups, and you’re there) 

位於台北東區的一個藝廊,平時將展出\多優異的攝影相關的作品,當然這次更會添加了來自AB Koo新奇又好玩的音樂元素。你可以從敦化南路的凌志Lexus汽車銷售店後面往東的一個巷子以及從八德路往南位在台視後面四條巷子的地方找到它。

1F+B1, No 16, Alley 52, Lane 12, Sec 3, Bade Rd, Taipei 
Tel: 2577-1781

NT$250 (includes 1 drink)

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