Big Up Boiler Room TV

Jan 17, 2011

'The motherfuckin Boiler Rum.'

'The future of broadcasting.'

-THE FADER, 2010
'It’s basically an extension, or even evolution, of London’s rich pirate radio culture. A small, sweaty room. Great DJs. The odd live performance. Red Stripe. Rum.'

'The talent-packed Boiler Room has become the focus of music bloggers as well as broadcast DJs and performers, who spin their stuff in a dark room, hidden within a derelict warehouse.'

-BENJI B, 2010
'There is always something good happening in London. Whether it's about finding a new platform to do what you do (see the boiler room sessions - which in many ways come from the same heart and soul as deviation).'

-BNTL, 2010
'If you haven't reached any of the Boiler Rooms yet then thats a problem. Nothing but vibes. I remember sitting pretty much at the first one and now its drawing the biggest numbers and names out there.'

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