[Dubstep] Hyetal – Gold or Soul b/w Neon Speech

Dec 6, 2009

Hyetal – Gold or Soul b/w Neon Speech上週Boomkat的Singles of the week。

Neon Speech
Reverberating into life with a thunderous sub kick and glistening percussion, Neon Speech is a strong testament to Hyetal’s incredible development in the last year as an artist to watch. Intricate melodies infused in to a system-shattering low end, it’s a beautiful future shock of a tune. Music at it’s finest, regardless of genre. An essential track and one that will never leave the

Gold or Soul
Already well known to listeners of Mary Anne Hobbs, Gold Or Soul has a haunting, plaintive quality that is cast in that strange alchemy only Hyetal can conjure up – melodic, yet ruthlessly brutal on bassbins. You won’t feel the sub-bass snapping your ribcage in half because you’ll be too busy overloading your synapses with the beautiful synth patterns and pads. Anesthesia for the soul.
[via Soul Motive]

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