[Dubstep] Brackles - Rawkus

Oct 5, 2009

本週Boomkat Single of the Week

Firin' garage-rave goodies from Brackles. 'Rawkus' follows up his anthemic 'LHC' 12" with two tracks of tightly wound killers made for the dance. Basically everyone is raving about this guy, from Jackmaster to Cooly G, all in awe of his highly concentrated style of bass bounce and febrile rhythm mechanics. For us, the best thing about Brackles tracks is that they sound like they're a composite of two tracks dead-locked into the groove, probably taking inspiration from his lauded mixes (which you can find elsewhere online), where he jams garage, grime and this future sh*t together in ruffneck-syncopated harmony. Perhaps signified by the title, there's a hiphop/grime swagger to both tracks, with off-beat samples and dread droning bass chopped into restless patterns, part Dexplicit, part El-B and a whole lotta fun. Sickness [via boomkat]

Brackles - Rawkus

Brackles - Airpie

Brackles MySpace

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