Cut Copy + Midnight Juggernauts

May 14, 2008

雖然說是晚了別人一點收到Modular的信,但還是收到了Midnight JuggernautsCut CopyHearts On Fire的歌,所以還是要來盡一下義務,在信中也說了Hearts On Fire會在7月5號澳洲發行單曲。另外Midnight Juggernauts的專輯Dystopia大強說美國是由EMI發行,所以有抓或是沒買的可以等等看台灣EMI會不會發行。

"With the stardust having barely settled following the release of Cut Copy's number one sophomore album In Ghost Colours and having dazzled audiences with their appearance at the recent Coachella Festival, the boys are back bringing new life to their 07 hit Hearts On Fire. This time blazed out in its new album version glory, the official release of Hearts On Fire is being elevated into the planet Jugular with a touch-up from everyone’s favourite neo-disco astronauts The Midnight Juggernauts, who drape the original in atmospheric organ sweeps, glittering arena echoes and dulcet vocal harmonies transforming it into an intense trip through the universe."

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Midnight Juggernauts Remix) [Download]

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that's great!im BACK!!

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