6/5 SOMA TAIPEI presents ADRIANA LOPEZ (ES) @ Korner

Jun 1, 2015

6/5 SOMA TAIPEI presents ADRIANA LOPEZ (ES) @ Korner 

Adriana Lopez | Grey Report (ES) 以西班牙為主場的Adriana Lopez,除了固定在歐洲各大舞廳派對演出,2012年成立techno廠牌Grey Report讓她的音樂生涯計劃拓展走向世界,並席捲北美與亞洲。

Adriana Lopez以播放傳統類比形式黑膠搭配cdj來作為她主要的演出方式,dj set功力全方位地涵蓋Techno的音樂領域,將能量與節奏感發揮的淋漓盡致,卻仍充滿表達旋律和情境的張力,六月親至Korner來同步感受來自熱情西班牙的現場打碟魅力!

Colombia-born, Barcelona-based techno DJ, producer and sound technician whose career date back to the late 1990s, Adriana Lopez is one of the South American techno artists with the biggest international projection.

For more than 15 years Adriana Lopez has played alongside many of the world’s top techno artists in several countries in Europe and the Americas such as U.K., Finland, Sweden, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, U.S.A., Venezuela, Peru and Colombia.

Her DJ sets are characterized by a special connection with audience and pure technique and her productions and label, Grey Report, have currently pushed her to the forefront of the international techno community.

Adriana López (Grey Report)
Yen (Soma Taipei)
Lilybeer (Soma Taipei) 

Fuyama Yousuke
Legacy (Envelope)

Friday 5 Jun 23:30
早鳥三人套票 Earybird$1200 / 3人
預售票 Advance $ 500
現場票 Door $ 650
all w/ 1 drink 附一杯酒
Luu Cheng
AMPM studio
Family Mart 全家便利商店
Korner (羅斯福路四段200號B1)
 ☞ 18+ with valid ID

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