FACT mix 95: Will Saul

Oct 26, 2009


For a while now, Simple has been one of the leading lights of the more melodic side of house music favoured by Dial, Kompakt when they fancy being good, et al, releasing music from the label's core artists (Saul, Sideshow) as well as the likes of Vector Lovers and Motorcitysoul.

In 2006, Saul also formed Aus Music with Sideshow/Fink, to focus on the more experimental side of dub and techno: the brilliant Lee Jones has been a regular contributor to the label, which this year has turned its attention to the more elegiac side of dubstep: commissioning releases from Martyn, Pearson Sound, and - coming next year - a new EP from man of the moment Joy Orbison.

Two Orbison tracks from said EP feature on Will's FACT mix along with unreleased material from Lee Jones and Ramadanman, and tracks from Shed, Mount Kimbie, Future Sound of London, Omar-S, Lusine, Burial and more. For more Will Saul in the mix, we'd recommend his three-disc contribution to EQ Recordings' Balance series, which is out now. [via Fact Magazine]

Download: FACT mix 95 - Will Saul

1. Mount Kimbie - Serged - Hot Flush
2. Future Sound Of London - Room 208 - Virgin
3. Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish - Warp
4. Shed - Estrange - Ostgut Ton
5. Gregory Thyme Feat Tiger Lily - Walking On Balls - City Fox
6. Motorcity Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts 3 - Raw Cuts
7. Omar S - Set Me Up - FHXE // Manuel Tur - Will Be Mine (Arto Mwambe Remix) - Freerange
8. Recloose - Cardiology (Isolee Remix) - Planet E
9. Hall & Oats - Can't Go For That (Foot & Mouth Re-edit) - Foot & Mouth
10. Luisine - 2 Dots - Ghostly
11. MyMy & Emika - Price Tag (work in progress version) - Aus Music (forthcoming)
12. Phonique feat Erland Oye - For The Time Being - Dessous
13. Lee Jones - Twilight - Aus Music (forthcoming)
14. Atlantic Conveyor - Nasty Things (Jamie Jones & Gadi Re-rub) - Unreleased
15. Ramadanman & Midland - Your Words Matter - Aus Music (forthcoming)
16. Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow - Aus Music (forthcoming)
17. Joy Orbison - Waxes & Wanes - Aus Music (forthcoming)
18. Cooly G - Weekend Fly - Hyperdub
19. Burial - Foster Care - Hyperdub
20. Moderat - Walking On Rusty Nails - BPitch Control

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